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nap time struggles

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My son is 13 months and for the past few months has been taking two naps. One around 9 and another around 2. each have been betwen 1.5 and 2 hours. He has never fallen alseep on his own. One of us lies down with him. At times we would hold him close to us as he struggled to get loose. He would cry for a minute or two and then fall asleep. Most of the time we let him roll around and crawl around the bed until he collapes in exhaustion, but it can take up to an hour. I dont want to hold him down anymore, but I dont have the patience to spend an hour or more getting him to sleep. The times I have not tried to get him to sleep he has continued to play happily for a few more hours until he is so tired and fussy. Then he would only sleep for an hour and wake up tired and be a little bit fussy all day, never going back to sleep.
I am also 4 months pregnant and wonder how this will all work with another baby too.
Everyone I know in real life just has a little short routine, puts the baby in the crib, and the baby falls alseep (of course this took CIO at first). As much as my heart and soul know I could never do this, I wish he could somewhat fall asleep on his own, or at least quicker with me.
He doesnt sleep well at night, still waking every 2-3 hours and having a bottle around 3 every night. SO I am tired.
At what point do toddlers convert to one nap?
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I think my 19 month stopped the second nap at around 14 months. Both of my older children stopped napping completely at 18 months, so I'm grateful that DS still gets one nap a day! We are still nursing so I nurse him and then lay him on the bed when he's asleep. Have you tried wearing him a bit more, or going for a scheduled walk every day to try and get him down? Still night waking is normal. I would suggest reading No Cry Sleep Solution for some good ideas.
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Since about 10mo it has been impossible to get DS to go to sleep (both for naps and the night) with us lying in bed. He would always want to get up and play. The only way I get him to go to sleep is either nursing in my lap or riding around in the car. I can move him to his bed at night but not during naps.

He is now 18 mo and has been gradually giving up the second nap for several months. He now only takes a second nap about once a week.
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Have you tried letting him be very active so he is tired? My DD naps really well after going to the park or even just running around in the green spaces around our apartment buildings, she loves the different kinds of trees. She gave up the twice a day naps for one 2 to 3 hour one at about 14 months. Now she can't seem to sleep unless she's been up for about 5 hours. Usually she nurses to sleep. We've never forced her to stay in bed ..... sometimes she does crawl out of bed after nursing and then we try again in about 15 minutes or so.
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I second the fresh air idea. Outdoor time, digging in the dirt, etc. are great nap inducers for us!
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DD dropped the second nap just before she turned a year old. However, I still nurse her to sleep for naps.
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