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WWYD carseat/travel question

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I have Justin, who is 6 1/2, about 46 inches and 45 lbs, and Rebecca, who is 4, about 38 inches, and 36 lbs. Right now they're both in Marathons in my car.

We're travelling to Germany next month. We have a layover on the way there and also on the way back. My question is: Would you bring both Marathons on this trip? Our other option is to buy a bpb for Justin. We are planning to buy one soon anyway, because he only has about half an inch left before his shoulders will be at the level of the highest harness slot. No matter what we bring, we're thinking of carrying them through the airports and checking them at the gate... we've done it before with Southwest, but I don't even know if United and Lufthansa will let us?? The Marathons are heavy and I'm thinking that it would be easier to not have to deal with two of them, but I also don't want to compromise Justin's safety... waht do you think?

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I would NEVER, ever, ever ever check/gatecheck a carseat. EVER.
They throw those things around and oftentimes seats come out cracked/broken/missing parts, etc. Even if the seat came out "looking" alright, I would NEVER trust one, because you just never know. A tech I know has seen them literally THROWING them out of the plane down onto the concrete tarmac, then putting them in the trolley cart thing to go to the airport terminal. Parents have reported broken foam, cracked plastic, wet/drenched seats, ??!!?? etc....

I would take the seats on the plane with me, if that were allowed.
If not, I would purchase a seat at the destination point, if that is at all an option.
If neither of those is an option, ugh..tough one. If I *had* to take a seat with me, and *had* to check it........I'd probably purchase
2 cheap seats..maybe a scenera for the lil one, and a turbobooster for the older one - and use them just for the trip and then toss them. And pray like heck they don't get damaged and that I don't get in an accident in Germany.
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Ditto the previous poster.
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Something to think about, thanks!

Does anyone know if a Marathon with a 6 year old in it would even fit on most planes? And going overseas, can you use carseats in that big middle row? The row is 4 across, and it will be the 4 of us... but there's no window seat.
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You won't be able to fit two Marathons side by side on a plane. They're too wide. You're required to have the car seats in the innermost seats, which means you'd have to place them in the window and middle seat, unless you've bought two window seat tickets (say, if your dp is flying with you and you bought two window and two middle seats).
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Oh, I didn't notice you had the four-across center seats. I assume they would require you to put the two carseats in the centermost seats - the theory is that nobody would need to pass in front of them in the event of an emergency. Again, I don't think the two seats will fit side by side.
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I was told that you had to put any cars eat in a window seat, They wouldn't let us have 2 in the same row, but I am sure different airlines have different rules.
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Ugh, I called the airline, and we can't put the seats on the plane for the international flight. So I guess that leaves us the option of buying cheapo carseats for the trip and keeping our Marathons safe in our van. I'm wondering if it might be better to just call a car rental place in Germany and see if I can rent carseats/boosters there?? Our family friends actually have two booster seats (one a high back bpb and one a lowback bpb) that htey offered to let us use, but I can't put my youngest in a booster... she's nowhere near mature enough.

What a hassle this is turning into!
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