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Im thinkin of dying my Bumpy Wool

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But im scared im scared it will run and ruin all my other things if i wash it....I mean im really carefull with stuff but things happen.....

Im also scared since this is my first dye experiment that i will ruin the cover and then i would have wasted good money....

ok im just SCARED!!!Im a wuss i know
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I was hesitant to dye mine at first as well, but once I started, I went nuts :LOL

So long as you wash them separately for awhile, you shouldn't have any problems. Also, soak them in COLD water, vinegar and as many packets of Kool Aid to get the desired deepness and leave it all night.

Here's one I did in a tie dye style: http://www.growthspurts.com/drivee/i...5057638354.jpg The deep teal I got from soaking it overnight in Changing Cherry and the lighter, from soaking it for 4 hours in the same color.

Anyway, have fun!
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I Kool Aid dyed my Aristocrat a few months ago and I have zero problems with it leaking color. I let it sit overnight in a bowl of blue Kool Aid (2 pkgs) and then rinsed it a lot. It did leak onto a couple diapers the first few times I used it, but nothing major and it came out of the diapers completely on wash day. If you usually throw your Bumpy in the machine, I would wash it the first couple times in the sink just to make sure it is not leaking color at all. I second the vinegar rinse idea- I was too lazy to do it, but I still don't have any probs- but it should prevent any leaks in the first place. Have fun!!
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