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Bumkins AIO are great to keep in a dipaer bag. They are as trim as a disposable. They aren't great for absorbancy, but I have never had a leak. I change them every hour and a half or so when out. I like the prints as well. I have had a few red marks if I don't make sure the velcro is not touching her at all.
I would reccommend trying these for a trim diaper for your diaper bag.
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I agree with the previous poster....great diaper bag diaper! They are very trim, and yet work well! They really hold a lot!

I have been using the same Bumkins that I bought 3 years ago for my son - now on my daughter. They are still in great shape! LOVE THEM!

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Agree, agree... not the most fantastic absorbency, IMO & the flannel soaker gets kind of stiff. But they're trim & don't take up a lot of space in the diaper bag. They also dry fast. No probs with scratchy velcro here.
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I agree, I use them for my diaper bag diaper too. Sometimes I'll use a doubler. I wouldn't use these exclusively, but they are great when you need a trim (not super-absorbant) diape.
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Bumkins covers

Left actual bleeding scratches on my DDs side where either the fold-back tabs or the top corners of the front of the cover poked her belly. I wonder if I tried a different dipe underneath (I used a CPF)... but I'm not even gonna try. She's stocky but tall, 97th %ile height, 89th %ile weight and the XL otherwise fit her perfectly with some room to grow. I so wish it would have been a better cover for us because I love the cute prints, the nylon taffeta material and the design of the gussets.
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So trim! So surprisingly durable! I've got a Bumkins AIO that's been in constant circulation for 20 months now and only now is the flannel showing some wear. The cover is still in great shape, as is the velcro.

Like others have mentioned, these are our diaper bag diaper of choice. They're also great under trim fitting clothing.
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These used to be our whole stash. I only switched when my dd started taking them off left and right.
I used them with a fleece topped hemp doubler and they worked great. I liked that they were so trim and dried really fast. I've even used them on longer outtings with a few joey buns stuffed under the flannel panel. They also held up really well and you can't beat that price for an AIO. They are a great deal at full price but there are always a ton listed on eBay and the different sale message boards.
I also had some of these for my middle dd and they were our diaper bag diaper. I'd also leave these out if someone was watching her, since they are much easier to figure out for the cloth diapering impared folks.
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Nice and trim, and never leak unless they get too full of pee. I use a trim, fleece topped hemp doubler in ours and it holds up a good long while.
Super cute prints and easy for the cloth diaper impaired to use.
I keep 2 of these in my diaper bag.
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Cute prints.
Easy to use.
Wash up easily (not a lot of seams for poop to get stuck in) by hand and hang dry fast.
Don't leak or wick like SO many other covers.
Vent in back allows for some air flow.
Great trim fit with a trifold prefold or contour.
Fit skinny babes well.

Fold back tabs are sharp around the edges and pop forward/in the way when you are trying to diaper the child. (Many mamas cut off the laundry tabs.)
Run small on chunkier babies and are too tight on real chunky thighs.
Don't work well with a snappied diaper or any full diaper.
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I actually never got to use the Bumkins, I would just like to add that they did not fit my chubby tummied, skinny thighed son well. But, a lot of front fastening dipes/covers do not. So, just take this into consideration if your child is built this way.
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Bumkins are a great diaper, very cute and super trim, however for a heavy wetter, a doubler might be necessary. I have never had a leak, which is saying a lot for my supersoaker. A great diaper bag diaper for DH or ILs!
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Love Bumkins AIOs! Since my son hates diaper changes(even with all the entertainment!), so I use them with small hemp inserts behind the Bumkins flap, and on the top I put fleece-I just bought a yard of fleece and cut it up(fleece does not fray). No leaks this way even after 4 hours. My favorite daytime diaper. I am trying to make my whole daytime stash into Bumkins! They are easy for the husbands to change-another good thing about them. Oh, I forgot to mention the beautiful prints. I just wish they would use color velcro to match the colors. My son is on the chubbier side, so he wears size large from 3 months-it does fit still very good at 12 months since his legs are getting skinier now.
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I'm not sure if I can post this in the Diapering Reviews section, but since it's from the same maker, I thought I would give it a try. We have two different Bumkins bibs, one natural colored terry, and one laminated with a pocket on the front. We also have a baby blanket from them. I love the bibs, the terry drool bib is the thickest and nicest bib we have, and the pocket bib is a favorite now that DD has started solids. She loves her little blankie and loves to rub the satiny side against her face. Definitely recommend these other products from Bumkin, even though we've never tried their diapers!
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I've been using bumkins for the last 11 months. AIO and PF with a cover.
I LOVE them. I have two kids, 2.5yo and 11m who both wear L. (oldest is tiny, and youngest is chunky)
I haven't had a problem with my chunk son and leaks. Only if I don't change them often enough do they wick out of the front velcro.
I love that I can put a doubler in the middle of the diaper, and that I can dry them in the dryer on low. (I HATED HANGING MY OTHER DIPES)
Bumkins Rocks!!!
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I loved the Bumkins covers and am now loving the AIOs. Not the most absorbent AIO but it does the job, and dries so quickly, too!
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I guess I'm the odd one out. I use these as a very last resort. They hardly get used at all. The flannel became so rough after only a few washings. It's not my detergent or water, either. I use flannel to make my own dipes and I have some Mudshrimps with a flannel inner. Those dipes haven't become rough. Plus, the soaker is longer than the inside of the diaper (if that makes sense) and ends up bunching up in either the front or tha back of the diaper. I don't see how that can feel comfy.
On the other hand, they have really cute prints. I don't think they've ever leaked, either. I do find that they take a long time to dry. For AIO's, I prefer to use Mudshrimps (I only have one, but it works well) or Bumgenious. I got a few BG one clearance and I love them.
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I know what you mean about the overlong liner, but it hasn't caused a problem for us. Mine are soft, after quite a few uses, but I use baking soda in the rinse, and sun them anytime a get a chance. Maybe that makes a difference?

But I'm with the PP who had the "ACTUAL BLEEDING SCRATCHES" from the velcro. I wanted to cry when I saw them. I trimmed the velcro edges, and it's better, but I have to make sure it doesn't touch his skin at all.
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