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Diaper services

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I am thinking about using cloth but won't have the time to wash. So I am now considering a diaper service.

Any thoughts on if you've used, how it has worked or not worked for you? I'm guessing the cost is more than if I were to CD myself.
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yes, it is more expensive, but probably comparable to the cost of plastic diapers. I am in Ca, not Ct, so i don't know the costs out there. We have 2 local services that are both incredibly green.

I used DS for the 1st 2 months, it was nice, but now that i do it myself i really think its easier to wash at home. Plus, its more fun.

But DSs usually use high quality Chinese Prefolds, they usually supply you with a pail, and a snappi or something like that. it can be easier with a newborn to just use prefolds and have the Diaper Service man come and take 'em away each week!

I would investigate your local services, sometimes they have package deals.

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I used a diaper service for Katelyn's first couple months and loved it! I think it's ideal for a new baby because you get a size that fits just perfectly, can switch sizes so easily, and someone else comes to your door once a week to take away your dirties and bring you cleans! Anything to make life easier those first few months!

I beleive I paid around $13 a week for our's, then on top of that I rented the covers from them which was a little more. I would say about the same as buying sposies.

A few things I didn't like about it (and why I am no longer using one):

1. No choices -- all prefolds and white covers. Of course, you could buy your own covers, but you always have prefolds. No cute AIO's and fitteds.

2. I think the quality of the prefolds from a diaper service are a little less than some of the great ones made of hemp or natural unbleached cotton are. For a newborn it worked great, but as Katelyn got older they just were not absorbant enough for her. The diaper service recommended using two prefolds, but that gets bulky.

I'd check out your local ones and see what you think. Ask them how they wash the diapers, if they use a bacteriostat to help with stink and rashes, if they offer AIO's or it they will wash some of your own stock...things like that. Beware, they DO use bleach, so if you throw in a colored diaper or washcloth, it's coming back white!!
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I was gifted with diaper service at one of my showers. I was so happy to have it for the first few months with DD. It was about $16/wk. The selection was limited, however, to prefolds. The prefolds were very good quality and I never had any problem with DD reacting to their washing process. I had bought my own covers before (Bummis SWW) but they did sell Bummis as well as special order Nikky's if you asked.

It was nice to not have to worry about the laundry and be able to concentrate on other things but now I like doing my own diaper laundry and have to admit that I like the cute fitteds and AIO's that I now have.

All in all I think diaper service is great for the first month or two untill you and the baby have settled into a routing, after that I think it's more fun to do it on your own. Yep, I said fun. Gawd I'm getting old!
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Originally posted by Safemommy
Beware, they DO use bleach, so if you throw in a colored diaper or washcloth, it's coming back white!!
Sorry, just wanted to add that no, most diaper services do not use bleach. I am sorry yours did. If in CT they all do then i would certainly complain and try to get them to change their archaic policies.

The biggest reason most services DO Not use bleach is that it eats diapers.

Chlorine and the chlorine bleaching process (even in your diapers) is one of the greatest chemical evils in our world.

i'd call your service and ask. hopefully you'll find they respect their diapers and the earth! if they do use bleach, though it is surely less of a threat to baby & world than the chlorine used to whited the paper pulp in plastic diapers.

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Tabitha, I am in NC not CT and I am not sure what the state law is regarding bleach here. I personally do not have ANY bleach in my house because I find it to be too damaging and dangerous. BUT, in a public place where thousands of poopy diapers are washed daily, I don't mind the use of bleach. Since they replace old diapers, it's their problem not mine.

I'm not sure why you think it's archiac, but I'm sure that is a good question to ask any diaper service. But, given the potential for germs and such I liked the fact that our's used bleach. Can't believe I just said that, given I refuse to buy it for my home...but then again I don't have hundreds of baby's poopy diapers going through here each day either!

Ok...I'd better stop there before thet's gets moved to activism!
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I love our service...

I have used it since DS#1 was born 5 years ago and have never had a problem at all. I use the same one for DS#2, and Baby #3 has a nice stach of fresh diaper service quality prefolds waiting for him or her.

I prefer the service for several reasons:

Zero hassle

The cost is low

I don't have issues with prefolds and snappis, and I can go wild and get the covers I really like.

I can spend more time homeschooling my boys, playing with them and snuggling with hubby and less time doing laundry

Start up costs were only as much as the Nikkys that I use, and my diapes were waiting for me when my babies were born

Weekly delivery (our delivery person is really friendly, and his wife is also a homebirther, so he likes to trade stories)

The prefolds (when put on right) were more trim than many of the AIOs or fitteds that I have been given over the years, so I don't have to worry about clothes not fitting properly

The service that we use is a family business, and I really like supporting their local efforts

They don't use bleach and they are very open about their procedures with cleaning and delivering dipes

I get a second child discount

I get free pails, deodisks, and a choice of diaper sizes and weights all the way from preemie to super heavy weight toddler

So, I am pretty simplistic when it comes to diapering...I don't need the ultra-cute AIOs, fitteds, etc. (they are cute, though!!)I would rather spend that money on cool clothes for my little ones, (or for me!), games and activites that we can all enjoy. White or wool Nikky covers are fine with me along with a nice soaker at night, and I love the way those fresh diapers look all folded and waiting for use!

I am a big-time supporter of diaper service, my mother used one, and her mother used one as well.

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I used a diaper service for the first three months with #1, and it was expensive here- $54 every 4 weeks. I have been washing my own for about 4 years now since cancelling the service. For me, it was almost easier to just wash them myself since my kids were bf and bf poop comes right off with no dunking for the first year.
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Hello Everyone! I too use a CD service here in Cali. I am so very grateful of this family owned service, because I rent an apartment and I do not have my own washing machine. My Dd started out in disposables until about 4 months (she is almost 10 months now) but at a local LLL meeting I met Tabitha and others, who cloth diapered and was totally intrigued! The rest is history! Now, I couldn't imagine putting her in paper! How uncomfortable! Well, here is my 2 cents.......I pay about $60.00 per month for 60 diapers a week (I have them send me 60 a week regardless of how many I turn back in, I tend to change Dd a lot, lot) My service (Tiny Tots) doesn't use bleach, and I'm very thankful for that! My service requests absolutely no rinsing or soaking, I get fresh liners for my pail weekly and deodisks as I request them (I have never had an odor problem with my diapers). I also love having my fresh supply waiting on my porch every Wed. when I get up in the morning. My service also holds a 1st place award for 'Innovation in Industry Water Conservation' (award given by the local Government Commission). Two days' worth of diapers for one baby can be laundered in water equivalent to one flush of the toilet! As far as sanitizing goes, the tunnel washers put the diapers through TEN cleansing cycles in 180 degree water, which is filtered and reused! They say the supplies they use are biodegradable and phosphate free! What more could I ask for, clean cloth diapers at my finger tips for the same price I'd pay for the sposies anyway! I love the fact that Celestia will be able to enjoy those 20 full grown trees later, rather than wear them on her bottom now!

There are different packages for accessories, etc. I just buy my own cute covers and cloth wipes and launder those myself, it's easy!

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Forgot to add....

My diaper service is worth its weight in gold for the newborn meconium stage....we use an extra newborn dipe to wipe the goo off the baby's bottom, and put both the wipe and diaper into the pail, and that's it!

Just another bonus in my book, hope the comments that you read here will help you make the decision that is right for you...

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