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Bikini Twisteroo

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Calling all bikini twisters....

Do you think the bikini twist is comfortable for the babes? I have tried it several times with my dd, and each time, it seems all bunchy, like it would be kinda painful to sit on, kwim? I just wondered if anyone had any experience with this, or am I just not doing it right??? Anyone else wonder about this? I totally love my prefolds, and am always trying to find the perfect fold.

(just because I havent seen this emoticon used lately, and it makes me )
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Monica (MamaMonica) is the bikini twist expert around here! :LOL

I'm sure she'll have some advice for ya.
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i'm not sure how others do it, but we use the bikini on both of the girls and neither seem bothered by it. dd1 walks and runs and this fold never fails us. i put the twist a little more in front for both of them. this is our favorite way of using prefolds
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I can't help you with that, but I've been wondering the same thing. I am just about to move on from infant size and order some regular and/or premium prefolds, and have been wondering what fold will be best to use. I hear the bikini twist is pretty trim, but it does seem like it would be a bit uncomfortable!

Marie...Mom to Desmond
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Well, I use the bikini twist all the time and my toddler girl never seems to complain. And she WILL complain about diapers that are uncomfortable. It is definitely a fold worth mastering. I use it all the time, especially under leggings to make the diaper more trim.
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Our twist

is definitely not in the center, it's way up front. The twist is high enough up that she would never be sitting on it, and it keeps the bulk of the material where she needs the most absorbency.

I love the twist - its my favorite way to use prefolds. Though I will admit, I haven't managed the art of forming gussets in back and keeping poop in - let's just say I am thankful for good covers!
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Ahhh, so that's the secret! I never thought of putting the twist part higher in the front. For me, my twist always ended up in the center, right where dd sits. Off for more experimentation! Thanks gals!
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Prefolds? Gussets? What?

am i totally missing something???
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We have a problem with the twist and my son's penis popping out - therefore making the dipe for show only

Any tips on how to avoid this?
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