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We got rid of everything the last time we moved a few years ago. I've already bought 12 used KL0's, 6 newborn wraps, 24 newborn and 24 infant prefolds from GMD. I still need to get some small covers and some wool then I'll probably pick up a few fun fitteds and covers once we know the gender oh and wipes.

If it's a boy I have a few friends with baby boys who are eager to pass on their clothes, if it's a girl I'll pull out what I have left from mine and see what more we need.

We've got to get a carseat, a queen size bed to replace our worn out full, I'd like to pick up a co-sleeper off of craigslist, a moby wrap, a dresser for their things, a diaper pail and maybe a moses basket. Then I think we're set unless I've forgotten something which is likely.
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I NEED a new carseat. That's the only thing that's necessary. Other than that I MIGHT get a new diaper bag and possibly a new sling.
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Well, I wasn't planning on buying much for this baby, but since finding out that there are two babies baking, I will need to get my butt in gear and start shopping!
We need:
- two infant carseats
- another crib
- a moby D wrap
- lots of diapers! (we'll be using disposables for the first couple of months until the babies grow into smalls then we'll start cloth diapering)
- two bundle me covers by JJ Cole
- a baby scale
- a bigger diaper bag

- still undecided on if we should get a double stroller or not, might wait till after the babes arrive to decide if we need one

- maybe a double breast pump too, but that's another thing we'll be waiting to purchase until after the babies are born if I see the need.
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not much! we have a lot of baby stuff from our other two. ive leant most of it to my mom for her foster baby, but ill get it back when i need it.

we always get or are gifted a sheeps skin for each child.. its a special thing and both my kids love theirs now that they are older..

one thing that im debating is ;getting a new car seat. the one we have has been used by so many babies.. we got it new for my son (he will be 5 in december) its been used by friends for their baby, my neice, my daughter, my moms foster baby.. im not sure if its still safe after 5 years and so much use (no accidents though) ill have to look into it.

i would like to buy myself/ baby a new mattress of some kind.. preferably organic cotton or wool futon, but its $$$ that we dont have.. but maybe i can manifest it!

otherwise we need a few cloth diapers (i knit the soakers myself) and maybe a few cute baby clothes from the thrift shop..

my list is pretty short
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Well, I'm leaving the clothes to family and friends because I'm very "particular" about the gear and furniture. That being said...

I still need to buy:
  • The carseat
  • The boppy pillow
  • the crib, mattress and bedding set
  • A playard/ travel crib

Well thats all the big things I still have to buy, but their are so many little things I need to stock up on like washclothes, pacifiers: and I haven't even begun to think about diapers! I have so much to do and not enough time to get it all done:
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I'm planning on buying cloth diapers, cloth diapers, some cloth diapers, and oh yeah, some cloth diapers. :

We have e v e r y t h i n g we need for this kid, as we have 3 sets of very enthusiastic grandparents who bought the sun, moon, and stars for ds and then some: , so we need NOTHING but cloth diapers.

My best girlfriend today saw these pink bibs in a baby store and said, "oooh, if you're having a girl I am so buying these..." I said "NOOOO!! Buy me a pink cloth diaper instead!!" She said fine, she'll buy me a pink cloth diaper....and the bibs. LOL.
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We love our Toyota Sienna 8 passenger mini van.. I cant imagine life without it now lolol

Anyways, we are going all out buying everything out there since this is our last and I know I wont use half of it but half the fun is buying it lol.. Yes, Im weird. Ive just always loved baby products.

Sooo I have left to buy:

crib bedding
room decor (lamp, wall art, paint, etc.)
some more blankets (im used to spring babies in FL)
some more clothes
bassinet (we already have 2 in the bed so I think Im going to put the baby in a bassinet until hes a little bigger to fight off the big kids)
glider seat (not the adult glider but the baby glider i think its called soothing motions glider or something?)
swings (1 upstairs, 1 downstairs)
playpen for downstairs so the big kids dont kill the baby.. lol. when my 4 yr old was 2 and my dd was a newborn (not to mention 4 lb preemie newborn), my oldest ended up jumping onto her feet first at full speed!! so yeah, a safe place to lay the baby is a must lol
oh and another double stroller for disney and a triple stroller (4 kids ages 4 and under!!)
and then i just need little things like pacifiers (didnt use them last time will this time), soap, lotion, another few pairs of nail clippers (we lose them like crazy), a few more pairs of baby legs, a few more hooded towels, and 2 new boppys (our old one got puked on and even after washing it, its still stained and I would rather just fork over another $25 lol.) Im going to get 1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs..
oh and a miracle blanket..
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Wow, my list is pretty short compared to some people LOL
I need
- a few cloth diapers, we actually plan to do natural infant hygiene this time around.
-an infant potty, though that can wait until the baby is around 4-6 months, whenever the baby can sit up.
-a sling for my dh, he's very excited I have a wrap, so I don't need one.
-a carseat. We plan to get one that is from 5-80lbs, rather than the usual infant carseat.
-a few baby clothes, cloth wipes, and those crazy blankets that I ended up using for everything from spit up to actual blanketing, and maybe some organic soap.

What I would love to get, but not planning on:
-a quinny stroller Even my dh is swayed to the quinny after we looked at one in Sears.

I actually gave away all of my baby stuff, including my books. The only thing I wish I still had was the cloth diapers and the blankets seriously, they were invaluable!
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