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Made some cloth trainers

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I am really new to sewing. DD2 will only wear cloth diapers at night and now during the day only wants to wear underwear (Yay the joys of potty learning ) anyway I have some gerber trainers but they are not very absorbant and I looked at how much some other cloth trainers are and well they are a little to spendy for me. So I tried making some of my own.

I took fruit of the loom underwear (2t/3t) and turned them into training pants.

1) I undid the seam in the underwear where there are two layers.

2) I cut up some cottonbabies Micro fiber inserts that I had to fit in between the 2 layers. then stuffed the insert in.

3) I then zig zagged the seam closed.

4) I then sewed 3 lines into the layers so that there would be no shifting. Just relized that there looks like there is puckering on the lines but IFL I don't see this.
Not 100% waterproof. But much more absorbant then the gerber ones we have and pretty trim fitting.

Jessie, BWing Mama for the last 5 years to two wonderful Little girls. Blessed to have a DH who gets me.

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I hope the link works on the pics
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So cute! Solves the "I want to wear big kid underwear" problem, too! : You did a great job, mama!

Would you mind if I put a link to this thread in the sticky?
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Go right ahead and STICKY IT!.. BtW I made another pair last night and put a little PUL in with the insert to add a little waterproofing. It does help. I'll add some pics with that later
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That is a pretty cool idea

I'd like to make something similar, but I'd like the sides to open (snaps probably) for poop-y accidents. *sigh*
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I hear ya. I don't have a snap press But I have been working with doing a side with hook and loop.
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Here's my cloth trainers I have been working on. I had forgotten about opening up the crotch and slipping in the soaker material, so I just used a double piece of soaker terry (from the auto isle) and added a piece of soft flannel over the top to keep it from being in direct contact with the skin. I haven't tried them out yet, so I'll have to let you know how they hold up.


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These are awsome thanks for sharing
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These are some great ideas! I keep trying to make new ones- didn't think to use the big girl panties-so much simpler. Thanks!
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I just wanted to add an update. I've been making these like crazy and also did spend some money on the spendy trainers (for use at daycare they will use cloth trainers with snaps think MOE but won't use cloth dipes)

Any whoo the ones I made back in the fall are still in use and holding up great.
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I found this linked from another thread and I'm thrilled! What a great idea! I've been trying to think how to get DS off his Cars Pullups (which he only pees in occasionally when he's too tired to wake up in time) because the disposable thing is annoying me, and now I think this could solve it! I'll just make some Cars underpants into training pants!
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I am going to try this over Christmas....fab ladies
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Thanks so much- great idea!!
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Great ideas (and pix too)--
hopefully I'll remember this when we need it!
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Great job!
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Is there any way one of you ladies could take a pic of these on say a doll so that I could get a better idea of the bulkyness? Or a small animal if you have one.

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That is a great idea!
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What a great idea!! My dd is fully trained during the day, but most of the time is such a heavy sleeper and doesn't always get up to use the potty. She gets so sad because she still has to wear Pull-ups at night but really wants to wear panties. It makes me sad for her, I've been telling her that even though she feels like she is ready to wear panties, her body isn't quite there yet. We CD'd her whole life and I hate using the Overnights or Pull-ups, but also don't like the other PUL trainers, they seem to cause her to break out with rashes and such. This is a great idea because she can wear panties and still be protected. Thanks so much!!

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WOW, that's pretty craft I never would have thought of it. Great idea!
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