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Lazy? I definitely do not feel lazy when I drive (that part is lazy) somewhere and then put my dear baby in a sling or wrap to go into a store. it is not as easy as grabbing my bucket from the backseat. In the long run it is much more efficient and easier to be hands free however. IMO! I guess you get a workout no matter ....either from carrying the big plastic thing or getting the baby into the wrap and then carrying physically with your body ha ha

It amazes me that people have comments NO MATTER what you do!

ps your dp/dh is HILARIOUS, um i mean perhaps sarcastic. reminds me of someone i know well
rock on sista
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I would so much rather carry DS than DS plus the fifteen pounds of baby bucket carseat. And maneuvering the stroller can be just such a pain, especially on anything but a smooth, level surface. So I guess I'm lazy (although, like Hypatia, I prefer the term "efficient").

Really, there's no special virtue to suffering. When work is pleasant, we manage to do more of it.
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its not lazy its easier. and conforrtble. end enjoyable for mom and child. how is it lazy to strap 25 pounds to the side of me? i think thats more work then pushing a stroller. dont you?
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I dunno. But that IS the reason I babywear and definately one of the top 5 for why I breastfeed!! (Or half the other things I do....)
ITA with this.... I do these things because they are simple- I do not have to lug any heavy crap with me or mess with nasty formula- I am a get up and go and bring as light and little as possible!! I even think cloth diapers are in the "lazy" arena- lol... I mean do I really want to go to the store and shop for the right size and brand and then stand in line and write a check and drive home and then when I am out search for a garbage?? H-E-double hockey sticks NO!

If that means I am lazy- fine with me!
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Well, maybe it's lazy because it's so easy! (lol).
I couldn't ever carry the baby bucket for it was too heavy and awkward for me! So in that regard, babywearing was waaayyy easier & lighter! I am almost always shocked when I see people struggling with these things - I guess they just don't know!
Oh and my dd hated her stroller so that saved me from lugging that thing around - I always carried a pouch rolled up in my bag so I could put her in it at any single moment - that was pretty darn easy too.
And let me also say that breastfeeding was the easiest of all and it was almost always the cure to any complaint she ever had & still is!
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I am confussed as to why he would consider it lazy? Since you have your hands free? My MIL is critical of my baby wearing and wants me to put my tiny newborn in the crib to cry!
But to the couple with the baby in the car seat, my little guy has major reflux and after I nurse him he needs to be still and upright, he is being held all the other time even when we sleep. But his little throat spits up less when he is in his car seat 15-30 min after I nurse I really think as moms the one thing we can do is judge each other less we have the hardest most important job lets help each other!
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Yep, babywearing is lazy.....what's the issue here? I'm lazy when I prefer to wear my child on my back while cleaning the house, rather than have him chase me, crying at my ankles while I get stuff done. Plus, he plays with my hair when he's on my back...ahhh, love it.

Anything that's easy, convenient and healthy for mom and baby's attachment is ok with me. Who needs to mess with a stroller or carseat when you can just throw baby into a sling and forget about him/her? Why mess with bottles and extra baggage when you've got boob already packed and sterilized?

Lisa (mom of 3 wonderful children)
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I guess you could call it lazy. Hey I am not keen on doing the baby bucket barbell routine myself. We used it for two months. Mainly left it in the car. I've used the sling from day four on. People are so jealous.:
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The only time I really used the the bucket other than as a carseat was to click it in the stroller when she was really little and was sleeping and we were going to be out for a while. Even that was annoying. To just lug around the carrier in my arms is just a PITA and too heavy. I would rather just carry my baby.
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Lazy? :

No, just easier. Easy doesn't always equal lazy. It's not just easier, they've done studies showing it's better for the child.
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How is it lazy? Lugging around extra weight is not lazy. :
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Whatever happened to ¨work smarter, not harder¨ ?
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Babywearing + Breastfeeding = The World's Greatest Workout!
Amen to that, Sister! We're still bf (6 mo) but we had a babywearing break and I immediately stopped losing weight. The stroller has been banned for the last 3 weeks and I'm losing 4 lbs a week now. Yay for bw!
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Originally Posted by phreedom View Post
Whatever happened to ¨work smarter, not harder¨ ?

Exactly the reason why I breastfed and co-slept. Maybe I'd have been a babywearer too, but I'd never even heard of it then :
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Originally Posted by bdavis337 View Post
I use my baby carseat for things like going out to eat, shopping for clothes (so I can try things on!!), etc.
The other time the bucket is convenient is if DS is asleep already (which happens frequently when we're driving). That said, I have a "car MT" that sits tucked in next to the emergency CDs, baby-hat, and change of clothes. If his eyes are close to open, then in the MT he goes!
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