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How Long to Announce Pregnancy?

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How long do you wait to announce to the world that you are pregnant? Anyone keep your mouth shut and let your belly make the announcement for you? I am 4 weeks along and the only one who knows is DH.
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such a tough question

I personally told as soon as the lines were there -- in fact sis knew before DH cuz the first test was sooooooooooo LIGHT.

But my feeling is -- if something happnes, and it does happen fairly often in the first 12 weeks, i would be a wreck anyway -- as i would not / could not hide the loss and the upsetness, i see no reason to hide the joy.

but THAT is something to consider. you have to untell -- I have a freind who just lost a baby, and she told me of the MC but i had not known of the pg .... this way she only tells who she wants to know of the MC .. YK???

and things do happen a lot more than some peopel think -- more than i used to think

Sis had a MC with her very first pg... she was more catious the next two time (both healthy) but she is more private in her loss, and didn't want to deal with the DH's co-workers and so on.

DH would not tell work, with either of ours till week 12.

then you take into account -- what reaction are you expecting? My baby sis is due with her 3rd and she waited longer to tell than i did with #2 (I am older by 3 years) cuz her in-laws we all knew would give her grief (and they did)..................

it is so personal and depends on so much.

If i get pregant again, and Theo and / or this new baby are old enough -- I will not tell them till wekk 16.... after most MC risk is over. But that is a varaible = kids.

but -- I did tell 10 days past O date.

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I think that's such a personal decision that every couple have to just make for themselves. Everyone's situation is so different. But as for myself, I practically sing from the rooftops the very moment I see the 2 lines! In fact I have been known to sing from the rooftops when we are just trying to conceive.

It's actually pretty funny when I tell people "I'm pregnant!" & they say "Oh really, congrats! How far along?" And I answer, "Oh, about 9 days."
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The very day that we got a positive, we told our mothers (I was 3 weeks pg). But then we're very close to our parents. From there, I knew it was only a matter of time before our whole families knew about it. It didn't bother us one bit that everyone knew. I told my boss at 5 weeks b/c I am a chemist and I work with radioactive materials so there wasn't much I could do to avoid being upfront if I wanted to keep my baby safe.

It's all about what you're comfortable with. I am a talker so I didn't mind people knowing. It would have burned me on the inside to keep the secret bottled up. I am NOT good at things like that.
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I still haven't made it known and I'm at 24 weeks. I did tell my immediate family (mom, dad, sisters, inlaws), and a few close friends back at 6 weeks.
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I announced it five minutes after I peed on the stick... so at 4.5 weeks!
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I didn't announce until i was about 18 weeks because i wanted to make sure everything was going fine in the pregnancy.
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I'm 26 weeks and some very close (though, physically distant) friends still don't know. (I have issues, I know.)
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i didn't tell anyone but dh and a friend at first. told dh immediately. told friend at like 7 or 8 weeks, because i needed to tell someone. then i waited and didn't tell anyone until now actually. my mother found out a week ago through a postcard i sent her. (my sister got one too) i also sent some out to some friends but they still haven't gotten theirs. some people know from word of mouth and others are still clueless. i'm not going to make any huge announcement, just sort of let everyone else tell everyone else. at 18 weeks im still only barely showing. some people just think i'm putting on a little weight in the front or not holding my stomach in.
i told at about 10 weeks with ds...i was pregnant and not married and in college at the time and had lots of anxiety about it.
i told at 5 weeks with pregnancy #2 but this ended in a misscarriage at 8 weeks and i had a lot of people coming up to me months later asking how the pregancy was going and it was hard to explain. it seems that people like my mother in law have a big mouth and tell the whole world about pregnancies but then don't clean up the mess later if there is a loss. she had even told all of the waitresses at her favorite resturant, so everytime i went in there i had to tell a different person that no i was not pregnant.
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I'm 22 weeks and we haven't told everyone. Our immediate family knows but not aunts, uncles, grandparents (well that is if MIL has kept her mouth shut, which I doubt) and some friends. I think its a very person decision about who you tell and when you tell.
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I wanted to tell a couple of friends right up front, and wait to tell everyone else. DH didn't want me sharing with friends until we told our parents, so we told his parents and my mother at around 6-8 weeks. I shared on a case-by-case basis after that. My father didn't know until I was 20 weeks, mostly because he's a putz.
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I'm 10 weeks and the only people that know are DH and two of my good friends. We'll probably be telling our families in the next week or two, and then I'll start telling everyone else.

With my first, I waited to tell my family and friends until 12 weeks and didn't tell work until 15. With my second pregnancy, I told one friend early on at 5.5 weeks and then I miscarried at 6 weeks. I told my parents and my boss right then, only because I started the miscarriage while at work and was meeting my parents for lunch that day! The ILs don't know about that one, just because I am a pretty private person and didn't feel like sharing. I'm so glad I didn't tell everyone right away, though. The miscarriage was hard enough, I didn't need random people to know.
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With my first pregnancy dp and I told anyone who would listen ! I think I was about 6 weeks. I am now 4 weeks and I have told my mom and dad and a few close friends. We are waiting to tell everyone else when I'm around 3 months. I'm not telling inlaws until then. I know all I'll hear is "can you find out the sex of the baby so we can buy clothes" and mil will be asking where I plan to give birth and ask if can she come (uh no !) My last pregancy she called all the time to see if I was in labor and she even booked her holidays at my due date (talk about pressure ) So I just don't want to deal with that just yet
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I'm 26 weeks and some very close (though, physically distant) friends still don't know. (I have issues, I know.)
see i feel if you wait tooo long then you open a whole nother box of issues -- ie why it took you so long to tell or to tell THEM. I'd hate to hurt anyone feelings.

also being pregant consumes me -- i can't see hiding it (or the MS) for even a few days

COurse with neither prgancy did my dad believe me till i saw the doctor -- : :
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like everyone has said I think its a very personal decision. For me I always wanted everyone (family friends) to know right away so that if something did go wrong (as it did with a m/c in my third pregnancy) they would be there to help me through the loss, and more so they would understnad that it was a hard time for me....but, if you wouldn't want anyone to know about a m/c for personal reasons I guess waiting would make more sense. For me I just couldn't deal with such a loss alone.

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With my first pregnancy and this one, we've waited as long as possible (as in, I was pretty much showing to the entire world), b/c we're unmarried, living w/ our respective parents (only for another month, though!), etc....neither was planned.

I told Ryan, I'm so sick and tired of hiding pregnancies, that next time I'm pregnant (we'll be married in Dec.), I'm going to call everyone I know the DAY I get the BFP!
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Since I get very sick very early, I've been forced to announce my pg's early on. As in, as soon as I'm a day past a missed period, I test, and if it's positive, out comes the phone. It's easier to warn people that I'll be out of commission in a week than to have them call a week or two later, be informed I'm in the hospital and have them figure it out that way.
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We found out at about 3 1/2 weeks - waited a couple of weeks to tell my Mum & sister who then insisted I tell my brother even though I really didn't want to (nothing against him, its just that I don't want too many people knowing in case I m/c and it felt like it was too early to be spreading it around). The first person I told after DH was an old friend of mine who is an OB/Gyn because this is my first and I feel kind of clueless. We have decided not to tell anyone else until around 12 weeks but today I told my best friend via chat b/c the opportunity presented itself and b/c she lives far away and it won't be spread all over town. We would like to wait as long as possible to tell the MIL so she doesn't go nuts with the shopping. I don't really want to make a big announcement, I think we should just tell people as we see them. It is definitely a private decision.
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