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Wow. Glad she "finally" took him in?

What a horrible response to a mama going through sheer heck.
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I'm glad that Mr.K is taking things like a champ. I've had events that resulted in Seamus favoring one arm and indicating that it hurt and I've not gone to the doc with the result of it being entirely gone and forgotten by morning.

You 100% did the right thing.

Maybe Mr.K will slow down. now. . .. yeah, no that's not going to happen. When I told DH your story I said "I sure hope I never have to deal with broken bones". Promptly Seamus started throwing his body around the couch--you know how he does & DH said "No way. That kid is breaking some bones."
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Buckle fractures do not look like regular fractures. As I said earlier - my DS1 could still do certain things. It took me all day to decide to bring him in - we got in at the last appt time of the day and I really thought I was being over-cautious. Sigh.

When DD broke her arm, I even had her lay on the couch for 20 minutes or so b/c she is so prone to over-reacting. When we knew for sure that she wasn't over-reacting (poor thing had a concussion too which we figured out on the way to the hospital) we high-tailed it in. But with a regular fracture/dislocation we caught it much faster - it was totally different. It *looked* broken - her arm was a weird shape, which I hadn't seen right at first. It was nothing like DS1's arm - her forearm was U-shaped whereas DS1's arm was normal looking and still half-working.

Each situation/child is so different that we make the best calls we can at the time. You did make a perfectly good call - most likely the next day you were better able to deal with having two kids with you. It's unfortunate that it took so long out of your day but at least it's all taken care of.

Sending lots of healing vibes to your DS! Hopefully it's starting to feel better already!

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Sorry your ds is in pain. I have two similar stories regarding ER doctors waiting when not knowing if the bone is broken.

My ds broke his collar bone a while ago. We did take him in that evening (after 4 or 5 hours). The ER doc thought (based on inspection) that it wasn't broken and said we could either have the x-ray but we could just as well wait, and if it was broken it would continue to bother him and we would go back. 24 hours later we were back and it was broken.

The kid of a friend of mine whose dh is an er doc fell out of bed. His dad didn't think his arm was broken and waited for a couple of days, I think, to take him for an x-ray. It was broken, but all fine in the end of course.

So don't feel bad! A doctor wouldn't necessarily have done any different.
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Another update. We saw an orthopedist today and his arm was out in a cast. He only needs to wear the cast for 3 weeks. Because he is so young his bones will "remold" themselves and be just as before.
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Originally Posted by Kleine Hexe View Post
Yeah, it's been a very stressful and tiring 48 hours and maybe I'm a bit sensitive so please no one else indicate that I made an error in judgement. I know I did. I don't need it pointed out to me right now.
I really don't think you did. We can't rush our kids to the ER every time they fall down; we can't over-protect them so much that they never fall. Kids break bones because they have to live like kids in order to grow right - it's okay. I think it's perfectly reasonable to watch and wait, and he'll be just fine. Good luck to him for fast healing, and not too much itching under his cast!

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