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More good news: All 25 pounds are gone already (6 days) and I think I may end up less than I was because it's still coming off. No dieting during or after, I think my body just compensated and didn't gain anything it didn't need.
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Originally Posted by GinaRae View Post
More good news: All 25 pounds are gone already (6 days) and I think I may end up less than I was because it's still coming off. No dieting during or after, I think my body just compensated and didn't gain anything it didn't need.
That's awesome! That is what happened to me with my first, I weighed less then I did pre-pregnancy about 3 weeks after I had Sonja.
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Congratulations, Gina!
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Congrats Gina!! Do you have birth story posted yet? I am so glad you got the birth you wanted.
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Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
Do you have birth story posted yet?
What I have is here and it's fairly negative. Once I processed everything though I've realized all the positives and what went right and what's been amazing. I should write something formal to reflect that, but haven't yet. Too busy being in love with my lil man!
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Congrats, Gina!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

I'm going for an u/s on Monday because am now (taking my "fluffyness" into account) measuring 6 weeks ahead and that combined with a few other things has my dh, my mws and I thinking it would be better to rule out twin pregnancy and see if there's anything going on in there other than another big baby (C was 10lbs 14oz). I've lost weight this time around and only gained back about 2.5 lbs, so it's definitely not weight gain!
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Just wanted to join. Looks like I would fit here fine.
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Welcome Jenny!!
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Maybe this is covered somewhere between pages 2 and 10, but I couldn't slog through everything... do I qualify for this tribe? I'm 5'2" and pre-pg weighed 189. My "normal" weight (what I weighed in college when I wasn't getting a ton of exercise) is 135, but at this point if I ever see 150 again I will throw a PARTY. (Last time I weighed that was January 2000, after knee surgery... but mostly that was from losing about 8 pounds of muscle on my bum leg, plus reacting badly to the anesthesia and being nauseous for a week.)

So, whaddya think? I'm due in April with baby #2; I was 179 going into the last pregnancy. My mid-term fitness goal is to be able to fit into my Columbia costume again and perform for Alumni Night at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My long-term fitness goal is to be able to show my grandchildren how to do cartwheels (I can still do one... backwalkovers are precluded by my back fat though!). So far this pg I'm still down from my pre-preg weight (186.6 at my last appt). I'm a size 16-18; definitely finding more stuff at Lane Bryant than at the Gap. ;-)
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Yay! I'm so glad there is a thread for "people like me!" I was 230 the day I found out I was pregnant with my first DD. The day I delivered I was 276. I felt HUGE. I pretty much didn't care how much I ate during the pregnancy although I was careful about eating healthy food. But I remember just letting loose at the end becasue I got PUPPS and I was SO itchy and all I wanted to do was eat frozen yogurt and sweets. ANyway, I went down to 190 by December (7 months post preg.) but I am back up to 225 now. Ugh! I just found out we have another one on the way next August. I am excited but also a little dissapointed that I will go through another pregnancy feeling HUGE again. I am determined to gain 15 pounds or less. I have been on a super healthy diet and have lost three pounds in the last two weeks. I'm wondering how good it will be for the baby if I continue to loose the weight. With me, if I eat right, I lose weight. Has anyone had expereince with losing weight and something happening to the baby?
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Originally Posted by EmilyS View Post
Has anyone had expereince with losing weight and something happening to the baby?
I just wanted to say, no I have not. I have lost weight with my last five pregnancies, dropping a whole forty pounds with number six, and she (as well as the others) were as healthy as can be. I never gain weight with pregnancy, except with my son, I gained only about 15 pounds. But then again, HE weighted nine and a half! So it was litterally ALL baby weight!

I am hoping I will lose weight this time too.
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Monica, I personally consider 16-18 thin! But I'm bigger then that (24w) LOL.

Emily, I too am disappointed that I am doing this preganncy thing while being overweight. I was in the 16-18w range when I had my other too and felt much better about that then this. I'd love to be able to enjoy a pregnancy agian with a more normal baby bump.

I have not lost weight with any pregnancy. With my first I gained a ton of weight (70lbs or so). With my second I'd lose weight and then gain and keep alternating like that. At the end I gained a total of 8 lbs. With my last I gained 40. I don't know where i am at weight gain wise with this pregnancy. I started out gaining quite a bit. I know I already hit 15lbs, but I didn't catch where I was at the last appt. Maybe that's a good thing LOL. It's all emotional eating for me.
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I also would have liked to start this pregnancy with less weight. I was (am) about an 18 or 20; I really would have liked to be back to a 16 before I got pregnant again, because that's really where I feel most healthy. But I figured, I'm eating right and exercising and I'm ready to have another, so we didn't wait.

I am feeling a little bit complacent about weight gain--it'll happen as it needs to. I'm still really having a lot of nausea but once that settles down I'll be back to my low-carb eating plan and I'll just try not to stress about the number on the scale. In my last pregnancy I gained only about 17 pounds but I think this time I will be trying to eat more healthfully so I don't know how that will work out.
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With my two previous pregnancies, I lost weight until I hit about 20 weeks, then gained it back--so I ended up weight the same at delivery as I did when I got the positive pregnancy test. This pregnancy is shaping up the same way.. I'm 13 weeks and down 14 lbs. My boys are quite healthy, and so far this baby is doing great.

I have a question for you guys. Even though I've lost weight, my stomach is definitely a lot bigger, but it's only my upper belly, above my belly button (oh, the dreaded double-bellies). Since I'm only 13 weeks, I know the baby isn't even at my belly button yet, but lately whatever I put on makes me look like I'm about 6 months pregnant with the baby riding right up under my ribs. I'm debating whether to go with it and wear my maternity clothes and just hope nobody asks how far along I am, or whether I should wear looser clothes until I'm a little further along. What do you guys think? Anyone else have this problem?
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Oh yah, lots of us overweight mamas have the B belly. Mine never fully poked out at the bottom - I was definitely all in the top even though baby was way low most of the pregnancy.

Take care!
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Ok, I admit I've been a slacker about welcoming and updating this thread! I apologize. I will have time to fix that later on this week. Please bear with me!

Now, I just have to say, what is UP with the LACK of maternity plus size undies?!?! I only see them at motherhood.com for 13.50 per 3 pack. And I am growing out of one pair of pants (FINALLY!) and need another maternity pair, but apparently, there's a lack of percieved need for us larger pregnant mothers to have pants? Most the websites I peruse have almost nothing, and then certainly nothing I can wear to work. except motherhood, and I don't really want to buy from them.

Anyone have any idea about the undies? I'm finally at a point (at 30 weeks) where I need new ones - should I just up my size a few? Any advice? I refuse to pay motherhood that much for undies. And going without is no option as I only have 2-3 pairs of pants that I can wear to work.

Oh yeah, I have that B-belly too... wish I looked like a normal pregnant woman, BUT this pregnancy's been really easy to me (on account of, I think in part, being overweight), so I shouldn't fuss!
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Hi, Teeny,

Have you looked at LaneBryant.com for maternity? I haven't looked in a few months ('cause now I have a 2 month old!), but they had good work clothes and nice pants. In fact basically the only pants I wore this pregnancy were from LB. I don't care for Motherhood at all, though the only maternity undies I have are from there. And one pack I got were good quality, nice thickness and held up well.. And the rest were thin and very poor quality! Falling apart bad! I never did find a good resource for more than that, though, so even those I have to hang onto "just in case" I need them again!
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Teenytoona- I have given up on maternity pants! As far as undies my favorite maternity undies are from Bravado (they are a bit pricey) I also wear my regular bikini underwear as they fit under my belly and thankfully my but hasn't gotten bigger so they still fit. I bought a three pack on the Motherhood boy shorts and I find they fall down. Good luck!
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I buy up a size or two in Hanes or Fruit of the Loom from any store like Target. The big granny panties that cover everything. They're ugly, but they work! And I can wear them postpartum and not care that they get all stained from lochia.

I have heard the maternity panties can be uncomfy anyway for many women.
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Hi, I haven't posted here yet so I'll introduce myself. I'm on baby #3 with a big break in between #2 and #3. My first prenatal weigh in had me at 229 and I'm up to 228.5 now at about 34 weeks. I keep expecting to see a big jump in weight gain but it hasn't happened so far. I don't own scales at home and I more or less eat what I want to. I think with my first two I gained somewhere in the range of 15-20 lbs but it doesn't look like that's going to happen with this one. I'm worried about this baby being small because my first girl was in the 6lb 7oz range and breastfeeding was a nightmare, I suspect it had something to do with her size but I lacked the support system to find out what was really wrong. My second girl was well over 8lbs and had no problems at all. My midwife thinks this boy is going to be closer to my first baby's size. I'll have help ready this time though if I need it.

About panties! Yes, it's frustrating. I'm using the largest Old Navy maternity size and it's ok thus far. I'm picky because I hate having them roll down and bunch up over my bladder while I sleep, like I need anything additional making me need to pee at night! The 'under belly' kind do the same thing to me. I ought to just go buy some giant granny panties and be done with it but I'd feel sorry for my DH.
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