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OT - Celebrate with me...

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My 19mo slept through the night IN HIS OWN BED!

Usually, he likes to be right next to me pulling my hair or laying practically on my head. My dh and I have been wondering what we're gonna do because I'm not really into cosleeping with two. I will not let him 'cry it out' so a couple of weeks ago I switched sides of the bed w/my dh (we had his crib 'side-carred' to the bed) and he was much happier to wake up during the night next to me. Well, we encouraged him at bedtime to lay down in his own bed but I never refused him when he wanted to come to me before he went to sleep. Sometimes, I'd put him in his bed during the night but sometimes not.

I hope this is a trend. We made such a big deal about it when he woke up and the big kids will too, I'm sure. Maybe at bedtime tonight he'll remember the praise and want a repeat performance! Even if he does not, I'm pleased with how gentle the process is going.
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cool! congrats!
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I can completely celebrate with you as my 2yo slept in his own bed (next to ours) for the last two nights. I was even able to lie down with him and get him to sleep easily. Quite a shift from the marathon rocking sessions we have been doing to get him to sleep. I am due in 3 1/2 weeks and was worried about him in the bed with the baby because he is such a trahser. I am so relieved that he likes his bed and sleeps well there. Congratulations to you and here's hoping for lots of good sleep in the future.
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Congrats to you, too, Wendi.

Isn't it amazing how well you sleep w/out a thrasher/hair puller beside you, haha.
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I can relate. When I wanted ds out of my bed, I wanted him out of my bed! Good luck with tonight.

What worked for us was to promise ds that if he could fall asleep on his own, he would wake up in bed with either me or his sister and we KEPT that promise, with me and dd alternating nights. A few months later, he told us not to come get him because he was ready to sleep the whole night in his own bed.

I don't know how much older your older kids are, but mine are 2.9 years apart and ds was pretty sturdy by then so i didn't worry much about dd rolling over on him or kicking him in her sleep. It might be easier for your 19 month old to transition to sleeping with a sibling if necessary and if you feel okay about it.

Anyway, congratulations to both of you and sleep well.
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AWWWWWWWWW (((((now to get my four year old out of my room))))
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Well, he took his nap in his bed, by his choice, this afternoon. He slept for 1 1/2 hours - he never sleeps that long unless I lay down with him, which is fine because then I get to rest also.

He's really too young to 'reason' with. I just welcome him in to bed w/me if he wants to come. I don't want to make it a battle of the wills!

Anyway, noordinaryspider, he will probably go into the queen size bed with my 15yo son when we move him out of our room. Until then, if he can adjust, he'll just be in the toddler bed next to us. My 15yo had to 'help' transition my third child when he was five and my older son was 10. Bless his heart, my dd gets out of all the hard work since she's the only girl.

And zona... We had to use MAJOR bribery for my third child, he was four to five (it took forever) and I cannot imagine how much we spent on action figures!
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congratulations to you! I know what a milestone this is and how hard it can be to get a little rest with a hair-pulling squirmer can be ... enjoy!
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Congrats! We can't keep anyone out of our bed, lol I am thoroughly jealous! :
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Don't be too jealous! He was back in bed w/us ALL night last night, pulling hair w/a vengeance!

Oh well, maybe tonight!
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I think I'll be sad when DS leaves the family bed... But maybe we'll have, or be thinking about another one by then.
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