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Hi all!

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I'm Angel, expecting #4 (due around April 27) and planning UC (my 2nd UC, 4th HB - the 1st 2 were MW waterbirths). You can check out my UC story here in the roll call thread above. We are really excited but a little surprised as we were not TTC ... but stuff happens and we couldn't be happier. We would like to have a little girl this time (we already have 3 boys but we'll take whoever comes I'm so excited and I can't wait to get to know everyone

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Welcome!!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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I'm due April 24th and will be UC as well.
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How great to see you here!! Oh I'm so excited for you, congratulations!!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome .. looks like there are lots of mama's due about the same time as me!

Kat!! I'm happy to see you here too ... I think I knew you were expecting again but I sort of forgot (or something) because I sort of feel surprised to see you due in Feb., but then I sort of thought you were expecting again and kept telling myself that I was imagining things (if that makes sense at all). I must have seen a post saying you were ... did I say congrats then? CONGRATS!!

big hugs
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I had been expecting and then miscarried. That might be what the confusion was And I've been without a computer for awhile too so I haven't been online almost since announcing this pregnancy, and I've just entered the 2nd trimester already!

It'll be great to catch up with you again! Guess what? We're FINALLY moving! The moving truck comes in less than two weeks~ we're off to Oregon!! Real Fall, real Winters! Good ridance FL!!!

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