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Is this normal? (poop ?)

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My dd will be 5 months on the 20th and she only gets breastmilk. Is it normal for her poops to be changing? Before they have always been some shade of yellow, loose, and seedy. She was going every other day, now it's more like every two days. And her poops are darker yellow to orange. They are still kind of seedy, but they are getting pasty and thicker. And they smell stronger. I thought they would stay the same until she started solids. I worry about her getting dehydrated in the hot weather, but she is fine in all other ways and seems to be eating more. She starting to teeth, but I thought that gave them diarrhea - this seems more like constipation. Am I just being a paranoid first time mom?

Any input would be appreciated.
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Yep, it happened to my dd at 4 or 5 mos also, and I was worried so I searched here and others noticed it in their babes also. It seems to be the digestive tract maturing.
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I started ds on solids at 4 months, but his poop didn't really change till 5 or 6 months. I thought he might be a little dry because his poops were so solid.
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my 5.5 mo old dd's have just changed to a thicker, orangey color this past week. I was wondering about it also. I thought perhaps it was something I was eating but I haven't been eating anything different. Thanks for posting.
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DS is 5 months, and his poops are definitely darker, less frequent, and they smell really weird (like paint or something), and I'm guessing that it's just his age, because he gets nothing but breastmilk. Thanks for posing.
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Yep. Sometimes I think Caden was born early (we aren't sure when he was conceived, but I knew the day of my last period, so they never questioned his due date). He has been much slower to develop than my other 2 kids and was born significantly smaller. One of the nurses thought he showed signs of being early, too. His poops started changing to this at 7 mos. He is almost 8 mos. now and just starting to show that he may be interested in food soon. I thought the changes were due to starting solids, but apparently they just happen at this age, even on bm.
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Oh, thank goodness. I was just trying to think how to phrase this question, and here it is! Will won't be four months until the 10th of August, but his poop is definitely thicker and smells wretched! Plus, he went from 3 or 4 poops a day to once in three days. I was a bit worried.

Maybe this was already stated and I just missed it, but will his poops stay this way? Or is it just a phase and they will go back to how they were? Oh, please, please let them go back to being cute little non-smelly poops!

Oh, and he seems to be having some very foul smelling gas - I mean FOUL!! I don't think it's causing him any discomfort, just deadening my olfactory nerves . Are you other mamas "enjoying" this as well?
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at five months the enzime that is use for digestion of charbohidrates is produce so some changes take place. do drink more I had to drink like 16 glasse a day to help . water, juice, milk, etc.......
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Kinsey, what we have been experiencing is dark yellow to orange and more smooth than seedy. It is smellier, but not terribly so, and is not accompanied by gas. Are you breast feeding? Have you added anything to baby's diet? Cereal? Vitamins? Anything? Have you been eating anything unusual? Perhaps they are changing and she was just unusually gassy one day?
I wouldn't worry about the infrequency unless he seems to be straining to poop or the poops are hard.
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Yep, I BF and have not made any changes to my diet. DS gets nothing unless it comes directly from me, so no vitamins or cereal. His poop sounds like what you're describing, just much much stinkier.

Oh, how I wish the gas was a one-time thing, but unfortunately he's had it for the past week and shows no signs of stopping. Like I said, though, it isn't causing him any discomfort at all. So as long as it doesn't bother him, I guess I'll just have to invest in some clothespins for my nose

I'll probably ask the ped about it if it's still this bad in August, but untill then I guess I won't worry about it.
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Thanks for the replies everyone! And I'm glad there were other moms with the same question - it's nice to know other people aren't sure and I'm not too paranoid.

I'm just sorry the nice poop days are gone. Now she's starting to have stinkier gas too. She's always been kind of a gassy baby, but now she is a stinky gassy baby. It doesn't bother her, but it bothers everyone around her.

thanks again.
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