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I have gas..........

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but, man, is it costing me a lot these days!!!

Thanks to a pro-business gov't we now don't know how much gas we have and how much it should cost.

This causes me great worry. Alan Greenspan is worried too, but, apparently not as much as me.............

Natural Gas Pains

On July 10, for the second time in less than a month, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan warned Congress that a shortage of natural gas and rising prices were threatening gas-dependent enterprises such as the chemical industry and might make some U.S. industries uncompetitive.
Today the industry operates in about as friendly an environment as it could want – friendly for the execs, that is, not for us. Most government controls have been jettisoned. Most remaining regulation relates to the transportation and distribution of product. The feds no longer regulate or validate prices, leaving the job up to private firms like Platts – private firms that obviously don't trust the energy corps to tell the truth and can't punish them if they lie.

Watch out this winter!! If you live in a cold climate, prepare for huge utility bills.

Your friendly ray of sunshine,

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Our gas is 70 cents a litre, and 98 petrol is 1.19 a litre. 1 NZ dollar = 60 US cents

How does that compare?
It doesn't. Us Yanks wouldn't know the metric system if it bit us on the arse.

We do heat our home with natural gas. It sounds like we could heat our home more cheaply by burning flags and Bibles in a special purpose built stove.
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Worse yet, H and HB, we are charged for natural gas in therms.

What the hell is a therm? And how do I convert that to metric?

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we are charged for natural gas in therms.
We get charged for natural gas in dollars and cents. It must be difficult to pay your bill when you don't even know what the currency is. I'll bet the therm is the currency of some ex-Soviet, Central Asian republic.
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Some of us know the metric system...not well, but I can figure it out...

There are roughly 3.8 litres per gallon.
Gas here in Colorado costs $1.60 per gallon, depending on where you shop...and that is for midgrade 97 auto fuel.
So you can do the math from there.

Ah so you don't know what the bloody hell a therm is either? That is what it says on my gas bill too......
My last bill I was charged for 26 therms at .61056/therm.

Charming. No a/c this summer cause it costs too much and no heat this winter cause it costs too much. Maybe I will take up knitting....anyone want to pool for wool yarn??
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Yes, our gasoline is way too cheap thanks to our control of the market.............

But, our natural gas (much of it in our ground) is going sky high. Two years ago I was paying as much as $350/month in the winter to heat the house.

We'll break out layers of fine Irish sweaters this winter if it's that bad again.

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