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Any full time writers?

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I'm not there yet but am getting there. I have work lined up for about 25 hours per week, and I spent a few hours doing queries and the like. I'm wondering if any of you work full time writing (from home, not in an office setting) and how you manage it and the house, kids, etc.
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Some weeks I work part-time, and some weeks I work more-than-full time,depending on business. I also babysit 20 hours a week, but the babe can come with me for that.

I looked for how other people balance it for awhile, and most of the responses I received were - get help.

So I did, and boy am I thankful I have a mother's helper that works anywhere from 4-20 hours a week, with a minimum of 4 hours a week, so she's guaranteed some work. It's a lifesaver, if you can afford it, which we just barely can. She has a lot of 4 hour weeks, just because of finances. If I'm not making money, I can't afford to have her here, and I was up front about that.

I'd love to eventually go full-time. My secret dream, in fact, is to go full time and make enough money for dh to stop working two jobs. We shall see.
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Wow that is the goal.... my biggest delima is that I cannot work and care for dd at the same time because she wants all of my attention.

Our place is super small so I can't hire a nanny but I a thinking about hiring a SAHM to watch my dd part-time so I can write.

I think you have to have help!
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I'm not full time but I make more than enough money working about 20hrs a week. I've recently starting writing for a bunch of national mags so the money is good and the work is really interesting.
My house mostly looks like a bomb went off, my friendships are neglected, my child watches a bit more TV than I ever planned (which was none) and I'm constantly thinking about stories rather than what to cook for dinner - but I'm having the best time ever An added perk is I write some family travel - so I've taken my family on some great trips that we would have never sprung for.
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I am a full time writer from home. I write TV scripts (dabbling in print stuff too)... used to direct and produce before DS was born. Then I shifted into script writing to be able to stay home with DS.

I just don't sleep

Truly, I make the most of nap time and after 9pm sleep time. Also DH makes it a point to take DS on a full day outing at least one weekend day, or even after work during the week they head out for a daddy-son dinner and romp thru the bookstore so I can have some quiet evening hours to work.

Then DS stopped napping and that was hell for a while. So now he is in preschool 2 mornings a week, about 4 hours each morning. That helps a lot! I really buckle down during those mornings.

It is NOT POSSIBLE for me to work during his waking hours when we're home together. I might be able to eek in a phone call or email... but even that is pushing it.

Some self discipline and learning to work evenings and a supportive partner are KEY!
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Well, hello, boatbaby! :-)

I'm not a full time writer, but that's because I don't work 40 or more hours a week. All the income I bring in, though, is from writing.

I also haven't slept in 4+ years.

In fact, when I wrote my book, I finished it while in bed recovering from surgery (Maya was born via c-section). I remember many nights where the blue light of the computer screen seemed to light up the whole bedroom, or when I tried to type one-handed because Maya would only sleep soundly if my hand was on her arm.


I'll also add that our "quiet time" (Maya listens to books on tape for about an hour/hour and a half) is when I *want* to work, but end up messing around and not really getting into it until the time ends. That's how I roll.

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I'm a full time writer and editor. DD is in daycare FT. Once she started crawling, I couldn't do any work at home if she was awake.
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I am a fulltime writer due with my first in November, and frankly, I'm getting freaked out about how to manage my work life post-baby.

I've done lots of different kinds of writing for my bread & butter--book analysis for movie studies & production companies, paid blogging, print & online reviewing, and screenwriting.

I am currently in the middle of a TV screenplay project, and am not going to be finished with it before the baby comes. I think I can probably take off until after the holidays but come January I've got to start writing again in order to deliver on my contractual obligations.

I'm very intimidated by this idea. I don't have a choice in the matter, and I'm nervous about how to make it work with a baby who is still that new. I think we could afford a mother's helper, but with breastfeeding I imagine that when the baby is awake, the baby will want to be with me anyway. So that leaves naptime, I guess. I am a pretty motivated/organized writer & have always been good with time management, so I'm not worried that I won't get my priorities straight (ie surf the web when I should be writing). But the uncertainty and unpredictability is stressful to contemplate.

(Of course, as boatbaby might be dealing with as well, the screenwriters' union is threatening to go on strike, so all of this could be a moot issue.)

I've also got a novel in the works... pretty much a polish away from being ready to show my agent. My ultimate dream is to be a novelist mama!

Anyway, glad to find all of you
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With a new baby you should really have NO problem meeting your deadlines. Baby on boppy pillow on your lap attached to the boob, soothing music in the background, you at the keyboard... you'll have lots of work time!

Between nursing at the computer, wearing your baby, and the many, many naps new babies take you will be fine for several months. I promise You won't need a mother's helper... just a warm, milky boobie!

It got hard for me when Ds started walking and talking. That's when he could say "hey lady, get off the computer and pay attention to me!"
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Oh, yeah, like I think I said a post ago, when Maya was an infant, I finished my book while she slept and nursed. The infant stage was dreamy for trying to get work done. I wish I'd realized how it would change!

She was always a really CONTACT intense kiddo, though, so even as an infant I had to do a lot of just lying around and staring into her eyes.

It wasn't an awful thing. ;-)

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I am as full time as I can get being SAHM with two kids. On some days, when I have multiple deadlines, it is stressful. I have a good babysitter. I've got my Mom (who works) who can help out. And, if things get really bad, my husband has left work.

While there is stress of trying to write and work (and be professional) with two toddlers, I honestly love what I do.

And, yes, I've had interviews where I was throwing candy and whatnot at the kids to keep them quiet.
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