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UTI-- don't want antibiotics-- WTD?

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I only just got my inflammatory bowel disease symptoms under control, and if I take antibiotics it's gonna wreak havoc on my gut. How do I deal with a bladder infection without them? I've had lots of UTIs in my life, but I've always gone the medical route....
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I have one right now too so I'm :
I'm doing the old stand by cranberry juice (which does help)..hoping some wise mamas answer your question though because I am wondering if there is anything else.
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I used a homeopathic once, several years ago. It was tablets, I think from Hylands for the bladder but it cleared my UTI.
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Silver water and Cranactin has always worked for me.
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Uva Ursi.
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garlic clove intravaginally...sounds weird, but it works. some say garlic is a natural antibiotic in many ways. you'll get a garlic taste immediately in your mouth. Try it.

I used to be a walking UTI until I got really serious about preventing them (for me, the reason was clear) instead of treating them (also around the same time in my life I started not taking antibiotics anymore).

But, yeah, the garlic works. I was surprised no one else responded with that yet...I know a few other women who have used garlic intravaginally for many different infections of the bladder and vagina. Or, if you don't want to do it that way, you could always use the silver water and cranactin (like someone else suggested) and eat as much garlic as you can and it will boost your immune system to fight the infection even faster. Let me know what you do and how it works for you...wishing you the best...
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A LOT of cranberry juice and garlic (I do mine orally)! Try to get the purest cranberry juice you can. Also, if you can get Aroniaberry (sp?) juice, that works just as well, if not better than cranberry juice.
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Originally Posted by mom2tatum View Post
garlic clove intravaginally...sounds weird, but it works. some say garlic is a natural antibiotic in many ways. you'll get a garlic taste immediately in your mouth. Try it.
Seriously?! ... I am almost curious enough to try it.
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I resorted to chinese herbs to clear up my repetitive UTIs after a few too many Rx for antibiotics had me wondering if the pills were worsening my body's own defenses. Mine were triggered by sexual relations, and I wasn't prepared to be celebate in our marriage ! So I also take a capsule of d-mannose and a cranberry tablet after DTD as a preventative measure.

If you're up to it, find a reputable Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. It did the trick for me!

Good luck!
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I am very prone to them as I start to get lazy with preventing them and end up with a couple at least a year. (sigh)
What worksd for me is I guzzle a ton of cranberry juice as well as lots of water to flush out my system. I also use the garlic clove intervaginally, I peel it and chop off both ends and insert it liek a tampon. It sounds odd but I swear it really DOES work! I also take 1000 mg of vitamin C and pop a garlic clove like a pill. Lavendar oil and tea tree oil (10 drops each) in a full tub helps too.
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Blueberries and cranberries don't allow the e-coli to stick to the bladder wall assuming that is the bacteria causing your symptoms, it should help some. What really helps me more than anything is to just drink as much fluids as possible. I guess I am just able to flush out most of the bacteria and then my immune system takes care of the stragglers. But I drink A LOT. I mean like as much as I can possibly ingest. It helps my symptoms in about 6 hours or so. I continue to flush for about 2 days and then it doesn't recur. This works for me about 80% of the time.
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a lot of cranberrie juice, aktivated barley and renol and balneol.
Baking soda bath leps too.

get well soon

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For me, lots of cranberry juice/vitamin C worked. There are also some cranberry extracts out there - Cranactin is one - that can at least prevent another.
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