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kolcraft ranger stroller?

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Anyone know an online retailer where I can get one? This stroller is really hard to find! I tried ebay. I tried one online retailer (giftcatalogue.com) but it's been a month and they can't seem to figure out where my order is (terrible customer service!). I've done several searches and sorted through tons of baby stuff websites but no luck. So I thought I'd see if anyone here knows just where I can get a Ranger. Thank you!


P.S. I want the ranger because the handle is reversible. The only other one I've found like that is a peg perego, but it is expensive and very large even when folded.
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They've discontinued it . I also wanted a reversible since ds was too big for his infant one but I didn't feel he was ready to face out. The peg perego was too $$$ and the Ranger seemed perfect. Like you I called everywhere, searched online and finally called the company who told me it was discontinued. Also there was a recall on some models. There was one on ebay a couple of months ago but I wasn't fast enough to snag it. I suppose it's just as well since it means ds is in the sling pretty much all the time when we go out. Maybe try a secondhand store. I've seen a few reversibles at reasonable prices. HTH
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