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Australian tethering

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So apparently (and this is all third hand) Joseph Colella gave a training yesterday in Bryan, Texas, and said that the Australian method of tethering provides the best protection for a rearfacing child. And furthermore, Britax does allow it, and their "ban" on it was short lived. Hmmm. Furthermore, apparently the new Britax convertible manuals, viewable at the Britax site, give directions for tethering using the Australian method. Hmmm.

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I've been considering it with my Boulevard. According to the most recent LATCH manual, it is allowed. I am not happy with my tether location for the D-ring. It's tethered to a power front seat and there are none of the typical locations available.
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I just don't see how it makes the seat as secure as tethering towards the front of the car.

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Don't Australian seats have rebound bars as well as tethers, ie the old Britax Galaxy? This would prevent the seat from hitting the back seat. I definitely wouldn't tether a Boulevard Aussie style.
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I don't really get it either. I get the issue with the Swedish method. There isn't anything to stop the downward rotation, so the seat rotates down towards the floor, then back up, then it's abruptly stopped by the tether, and the baby's head and neck get stressed because, well, the baby keeps moving!
It seems like, though, with the Australian method, although it does prevent downward rotation, there isn't anything to stop the seat from flipping towards the rear of the car.:
Yes, I'm told that Australian seats do have rebound bars in addition to the tether. But he was talking about U.S. seats.
Apparently if one sees the crash test video, one will become convinced. It's not online anywhere though! I'm hoping that by the time my babe is born and ready for the convertible, all will be resolved...
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