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Lets talk Tethering

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I have a radian80 and it has been my understanding that it doesn't have to be tethered. I drive a 1992 transport it doesn't have tether anchors and I DO NOT Have the money have it retro fitted. Can someone give me some more info about it. How it effects the car seat in an accident ect?

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A top tether helps with minimizing head excursion.
It was my understanding that GM (who makes Pontiac) had a solid policy of retrofitting for free, so your dealer SHOULD retrofit for free. you might have to get uppity with the dealer, because some of them don't necesarily like to do things for free, but they SHOULD do it. You can always contact GM for help if they do not.

The transport has poor crash test ratings. Because of this, I would want my child to have as much protection as possible from the carseat, since the van itself isn't providing much. but then again, I underastand not having any other options, we have a geo metro, with similar poor ratings, that we have to drive for now.

Good luck with the dealership!
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depending on the dealership, you should be able to get 1 tether retrofitted free of charge.
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o' woow. I didn't know they did things for FREE!!!
My DS rides in the outboard driver side right now. He was in the center seat but I didn't like the install of his radian. The problem was the base was tight but the top of the seat moved about an inch. The Tech told me that was fine but it just irritated me. We recently had to move, and the only seat in the back for my DS to ride in was the driver side seat. I got an AMAZING install. The seat is more like part of the car rather than on the seat. Plus the seat was installed in the middle with an adjustable lap belt.
My question now is where should it be installed!! IN the center or outboard position. Mind you I don't allow my step kids to ride in the middle seat since its only a lap belt.
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I had a similar issue with my dd's regent. Lap belt in the center, got an okay install, but with the l/s belt outboard the install is amazing. I've actually never seen a seat in so tight. You try to wiggle it and the whole car moves. The tech's recommendation was to leave it outboard; she said an excellent install outboard is better than a mediocre install in the center. I was reluctant but in the end I took her advice; dd now rides by the window (and is quite happy about it!).

I would find out how much tether anchors cost before thinking you can't afford them. They are probably a lot cheaper than you think. If anyone has a current LATCH manual there may be info there like a service bulletin # or info about whether or not they have to do them for free.
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