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Originally posted by melaniewb
I think the WAHMs should be able to respond and defend their products and/or service if something is being questioned.

The only thing I don't think should be allowed is spam from a WAHM.
Yes, we agree that WAHMs should be able to respond to defend both products and/or service, however we only allow for service-oriented posts in Diapering Reviews so that a thread doesn't start being a WAHM-bash. The threads posted to the Review forum are moderated, so we can ensure tactfulness. The WAHM can respond there as well.

This is with regards to product and WAHMs being able to point out if something is described incorrectly or if perhaps answer a momma's question that has been given faulty information.
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This is with regards to product and WAHMs being able to point out if something is described incorrectly or if perhaps answer a momma's question that has been given faulty information.

In this instance then I think that wahm should be allowed to respond as long as they are not trying to sell an item.
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I think people should say what they think and should stand behind their words. However, in reality, people will censor themselves with a stronger WAHM focus and we'll see less candor. Wish they were bold enough not to. They certainly will stand up and condemn nestle or pampers...but it's harder when there's a person behind the name. A lot of us need practice at how to criticize in a polite, respectful way. And we know, as Becka points out, we have people who used to only visit in order to rebutt. I hate that. But at least it's more honest than sending ambassadors, which is the only option open to people now, and honestly, is probably what I would do in some egregious cases if I were a WAHM. It's nice to think everyone would take the high road...some things are not worth responding to, but a small WAHM is understandably protective of her reputation. But diaper preferences and fit are very personal, and not every diaper is right for every customer. And we have all seen unreasonable customers around here as well. I'd like to think getting people to stick to the facts, and heading off threads that turn into challenge/rebuttal/response/rebuttal which just makes both parties look bad.

I am very split on this, which is rare because generally I find MDC overly restrictive. I think I come down on the side of WAHM participation, with strong oversight. We know there will be both customers and WAHM who will behave badly. But it just reflects poorly on them.

I also think WAHM should be able to reveal who they are in non spam circumstances. I think it's too cloudy for many less active users to not know who someone is because they're not a paid sig person, as long as it is not a public spam response. (the recent thread of "who's who" should have had links IMO.)

I'm still pondering this...sorry if it's not very articulate today.

I'm still startled from the "Diaper Country" segragation. And hoping someone'll make the activism posts disappear from "view new posts" since they annoy me. Hopeless, I know.
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Yes Linda, as you said - not spamming. A WAHM still could not respond to a thread that says, "I'm looking for a pocket diaper . . . who sells the best ones." You may want to post , but obviously that is spamming.

However, if a member posts, "AAACCKK! I can't get this smell out of my Happy Heiny - what can I do? Is this normal?" You would then be able to write, "Oh that has happened before . . . first you do 'this' and then 'that' . . "

Constructive Chat/Problem Solving/Peaceful clarification . . . that sort of thing.
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I have to say, I kind of think it's best for WAHMS to not be able to post specific replies to specific problems. I understand that this could cause some "bad press" about them, if the issue is resolved but the OP doesn't rectify it on the boards. But, IRL when we have problems with a business, we don't be sure and tell everyone to disregard our complaints because it's been fixed.

I understand that this makes the boards "one sided" but I think it would help the non-wahms to feel more welcome to bring their problems here, without fear of the WAHM getting involved publically.

Perhaps though, we could encourage people to bring problems with a SPECIFIC WAHM to the Review boards, where it should be ok for a WAHM, or anyone to "rebutal" a complaint.

Heather, I'm sure you'll come up with a great solution though!
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Clarity . . . what you stated is - in essence - a good outline of what the struggle has been from the perspective of the members and from the mod/admin. team.

:LOL Activism extracted from 'View New Posts'? eh? :LOL
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I am an infrequent poster to this board, but a long time lurker. I am personally not comfortable having WAHMs respond in threads as a WAHM. (I do love having their input as been there, done that cloth diapering mamas!)

Here's why I feel this way. When someone has a question or mentions a diaper and the WAHM responds, that thread then becomes about the WAHM and her diaper as opposed to about the OP's question. I have seen this happen many times, including in a recent thread.

So while it may seem on the surface that giving WAHMs the ability to respond to posts would be helpful, I truly believe that it would actually not be conducive to discussion.

Just my 2 cents.
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I think that would be wonderful if we could. I have seen people give advice for my diapers that I wouldn't personally give and I have wanted to SHOUT no you don't have to do that. That's ridiculus just do this, same or better results, less time, energy, and frustration.
I think this would make some who feel MDC is too restrictive a bit happy but it will also help maintain the non-spam integrity of the board.
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question answering, exactly. We lose SUCH a valuable resource by not allowing that. We know a lot of questions don't get answered when the board goes so quick. Sharing the load I'm all for. I'll stick to the boiling and germs questions.
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I think they should be able to respond....sorta like if you get negative feedback on eBay you are able to respond to the comment.
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Maybe a WAHM could post only to a neg. review- and have the reply screened, as the review was, by the moderator.

I do like things just as they are, though-- the necessary restrictions keep things spam-free.

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Though I haven't read all the replies and I haven't been around this board nearly as long as others, I must say I like it the way it is now but am open to change.

I would appreciate being able to say "Spam me!" if I'm looking for something specific. I want to be able to complain, too, and think it'd be fine if I could state in my post, "And if Ms. WAHM is reading this, please feel free to jump in."

I asked a while back about ProductX. WAHM pm'ed me and said, "I've got ProductX." I bought it, love it, rave about it. Then folks say, "Where'd ya get that?" Well, WAHM didn't and doesn't have ProductX on her website, so I don't know if I should tell folks, "From WAHM" because she might not have those now and maybe she doesn't want to be dealing with ProductX for the masses. Make sense?

I'm rambling. I would hate to see an already fast-paced (whew!) board be flooded with spam. But since we're very pro-WAHM, I don't want them to be excluded entirely.
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Letting WAHMs respond to questions about their product use while restricting the promotion of their products I think would be a fair middle ground. I would hate to think of a WAHM sitting on her her hands when she could actually be helping someone, regarding washing for example.
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I'm with the majority. I say if you post thoughts on a product and they happen to be negative (about the product, NOT about the WAHM service, etc) then the WAHM should be able to defend her product. I still maintain that both customer and WAHM should try to work problems out personally in email, but hey, that can't always happen.

It's painful to get a B+ when you feel you deserve an A and yet you have no chance to understand WHY you got the B+. So if we let the WAHM read our opinions shouldn't we let her come back and explain why it may have been that way and try to make it right? Like extra credit? :

If the WAHM chooses to be confrontational or negative in her response that will say more about her business than anything so only the WAHM will have the power to hurt her reputation. Otherwise we all don't know the 'facts' so to speak and that can be dangerous to the WAHM as well.

Tough call...Glad I'm not a Mod
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I have no problem with WAHM's responding to posts about their products..
as long as they dont pretend to not be themselves : :LOL
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I vote yes....

I agree that WAHM spam shouldn't be allowed, but I think that goes for anyone...

I can't imagine how powerless you would feel if someone were posting a problem/issue with your product on the diapering board and you knew how to fix it but couldn't say anything. We certainly give all kinds of advice to other cd'ing moms, and we aren't nearly as expert in that area as the creator would be.

I think it would be valuable to us as consumers to be able to get information from the horses mouth when it comes to our beloved diapers.
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don't know why I'm even responding, everything has been said already!! This is such a touchy issue! I can see both sides!! I have been there, on boards before a few years back as a customer who had a problem.....then the wahm emailed me....it was very uncomfortable.

But then again it's hard to see someone have a problem with something, and you can't say anything, and they haven't contacted you. And other ppl are questioning it...

But I guess we have to remember that WAHMS frequent boards too, so they probably read as much as anyone, regardless if they can post or not. I (myself) try not to post anything where I haven't contacted the WAHM first.

I think it would be okay if answers were kept kind of short, so it doesn't become an arguement or anything.

my .02
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I think it's one thing for a WAHM to be able to respond to a thread like *does she use wool on wool or is that fleece on wool?* and an entirely other thing to respond to *I have never had good luck with _____ AIO's, they wick, blah blah blah.* The first merits response the second does not, IMO. Informative responses are good, defensive ones can become an arguement.

So yes, they should be able to respond but with a measure of tact and carefullness to the topic at hand. and NO spamming.
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I think you are all missing a very important element here:

the BORING factor...

WAHMs and customers arguing back and forth about a product... she said/she said about a transaction: *BORING*

WAHMS spamming thier products: *BORING*

Ignorant, thoughtless, one-sided complaints about WAHMS: *BORING*

Helpful WAHMS solving laundry problems: ~not boring~

Miscommunications resolved quickly and efficiently: ~not boring~ (well, not that interesting either, but at least not protracted and boring)

Seems totally easy to me... BORING, not allowed, NOT BORING, allowed. And of course, all decisions about what is boring can be referred to me. Happy to oblige.

xoox pam
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Originally posted by melaniewb
I think the WAHMs should be able to respond and defend their products and/or service if something is being questioned.

The only thing I don't think should be allowed is spam from a WAHM.
I completely agree.
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