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Originally posted by melaniewb
I think the WAHMs should be able to respond and defend their products and/or service if something is being questioned.

The only thing I don't think should be allowed is spam from a WAHM.
ITA with Melanie, but I also agree with the poster that suggested a trouble shooting thread. i think that it may also help the WAHMs tp perfect a product, ie a customer has problems with leaks, the WAHM could correct that problem. JMO
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It may seem silly but I assure you we have good reason. This sort of posting - to say "thank you" - has been used in a spamish way and it is so difficult for us to get into the business of judging intentions. So we ask people to not do it. When that request is ignored and it is done anyway your post gets pulled.

Review-intended posting is to be placed on the reviews board. But in the course of discussion, for example when someone posts to ask about experiences with a certain product, review type posts do occur within the thread. And this can set the stage for other things, as we have been discussing here.

If we were to restrict any and all reviews of specific products, even those in reply to someone seeking info about a product, to the Reviews board that would permit WAHM rebuttal. But is that a feasible thing to do? It would certainly limit what could be discussed on the general board.
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Originally posted by saharamama
But it is my understanding that complaints and product reviews aren't allowed on the main diapering board anyways? So really what's the issue?
The Diapering Forum Guidelines do not disallow review of products on the boards. They disallow reviews of WAHM business practices and of personal dealings with a business. As in, I hate ordering from 'Buttery Soft Bums' b/c she is very snotty in her emails, never ships in under a month and won't answer my phone calls. She doesn't run a very tight ship and I can't believe she can stay in business with that attitude."

See the difference? It doesn't discuss the product, but instead - the WAHM. It isn't tactfully or constructively written, so it wouldn't have made it into the Review Forum either. It can also hold MDC legally liable - which we don't want to toy with - for whatever impact that could have on a WAHMs business.

Anyway, all that to say that we DO speak of products all over this board - just not evaluate the WAHMs.
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