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It's a Girl!!

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Just getting a minute. Yes it's a girl, Carina Violet, born on Aug 16th, 4:50 am. 12 days early @ 8lbs. & 20 inches. Midwife didn't make it and dh delivered the baby in the tub. It was a beautiful experience! I had no warning at 3:30 am I started to get a few contractions, so I got up to pee, thinking it would go away and then they kept coming. Dh was still sleeping of course. Then my water broke and I woke him up told him to call everyone cause this was it. at 4:30 am I went in the tub and in about 15-20 min the baby came out! Midwife came 10 min later. Can't believe I have 5 daughters now!! It was so precious how they all watched their sister be born. More info to follow....and pictures. I haven't been on line for awile so congrats to all who had their babies and hang in there for those who haven't yet.http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r.../IMG_08601.jpg
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not in your ddc but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a blessing to have five sweet girls! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Oh wow, I really wish we could bottle some of your pink dust to save for later! Congrats on your newest DD. I will add you both to the welcome thread
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Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful birth!
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Congratulations! Send some labour vibes my way! (And maybe some of that pink dust...)
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Sounds like an amazing labor! Congratulations!
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wow!! amazing!!
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How wonderful to have five girls! Sounds like you had an awesome labor!
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sounds wonderful, congratulations!
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Wow, what an exciting birth! Congratulations to you and Carina.
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Congratulations! That is so cool that your dh delievered the baby!
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That's great. What an experience for dh, too. Congrats to your whole family!
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Wow, what a great story! Congratulations!
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Having 5 girls is wonderful!
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Wow 5 girls! That's fantastic!! Congrats!!
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Thanks ladies! Here is a picture. (PS...my mom did panic a little, cause the midwives did not arrive when she did)
I almost forgot Carina was 8lbs. and 20 inches long.

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I love her bodysuit!
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congrats! love the name too
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