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Who Is "ddddc"?

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I feel silly! Someone enlighten me please! :
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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. It is the person you PM if you would like to see a momma here gain a new 'insightful' title under their username! :LOL

However the 'who' behind the DDDDC is never revealed :mishief
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would "she" do it for me? Or does it "cost" something? LOL.
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It is a fundraising thing for the Mothering Board. The 'size' of the donation is not significant - just donate above to the 'Community Chest' and then PM 'DDDDC' with your information of the 'who' and 'what' that you would like DDDDC'ed. It takes a few days to show and stays for about a week.

Do a search on DDDDC in the Diapering Forum and you'll see some of the havoc we throw upon each other! :LOL
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I am always calling you K'mama! :LOL

Hey, think we should post a DDDDC Thread somewhere obvious for referrals?

Hmmm - good one to ask Cynthia.
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I thought there was a sticky for a while in Q&S about it.. but I may have imagined that. Don't think there is now in any case. I'm sure she hates to clutter up the boards with too many stickies.
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