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Diapering Momma has baby!

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Charmie (Charlotte) gave birth only a bit over an hour ago to a beautiful baby . . . ATLEY!!

I'm sure she'll be by to make her announcement (let's give her time to heal up and get home ) and write up her Birth Story under our new Birth Stories Forum, but I knew you would all want to celebrate with her!

Let's give it up for a new baby's bum to cloth diaper!
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Awww Happy Birthday Atley! I hope all is well! Rest up Charlotte.
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I cant wait to hear all about it! and to See pics! :bf

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Congrats Charlotte!
Welcome baby Atley!
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Congratulations, Charlotte!!! Welcome, baby Atley! Can't wait to see pics of that adorable baby and cloth-diapered bum.
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:binky :bf
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Welcom Atley!
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Wow! Congratulations
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Happy Birthday Atley!!!!!!!

another one in cloth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hooray!!! I think Charlotte was wondering if he would ever get here.

Congratulations Charlotte and Atley.

Break out those gorgeous tie-dyed prefolds.
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Congratulations charlotte!
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Congrats, Charmie!!! I was thinking about you yesterday, wondering if it was time yet Congrats on the new baby Atley!!!

AKA: Gregsgirl or Mama Mandy @ TLOL forums (in case you didn't recognize me)
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Yea! A new sweet baby to diaper!
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Congrads on the new baby.
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That's great! I know she was getting pretty done with being pregnant already

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I can't wait to hear the story and see some photos.
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:LOL :binky
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I must've missed this...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Happy babymoon!
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Congratulations Charlotte! Welcome baby Atley!

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