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Leaking Pocket Diapers!

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So we have been cloth diapering a few months now and everything has been going great! But now all of the sudden my diapers are leaking! We have Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heinys and some unknown WAHM pocket diapers. I use either a MOE insert or Joey Bunz to stuff them! Yesterday it leaked after not even an hour with a Joey Bunz in it! I wash in Sportswash and hang to dry! We also don't use Desitin!

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
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Try stripping them. Do a search of this forum for "stripping" (that is, assuming you have requested the ability to search diapering) and you will find tons of helpful info.
If you get any suds at all in the rinse cycle, buildup is definitely the culprit. I'm sure more experience Mamas can be more helpful than I, but I had this problem with some dipes I got in trade used recently. As soon as I got no more suds in the rinse water, they worked just fine!
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Are all of them leaking???
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Thanks for your replies! I don't know if it is all of my diapers, but I know it has been a lot of them lately. I have two in diapers so I wash everyday and it is hard to keep up with who wore what, etc.
I am going to try handwashing them in dishsoap tomorrow and hopefully that will work!
Do you use diaper cream with your cloth diapers? I have been using California Baby diaper cream, which I really love, it smells wonderful, but I wonder if this could be the culprit! Thanks again!
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I had the same problem with my HH after using Sensi-Clean/Sports Wash for a couple months. It turns out it does leave a build up after all! After washing with dishwashing soap and a couple hot washes I switched back to regular Tide and they have worked great ever since. So consider using something like Tide and then just using the Sport Wash once every week or two.

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