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Do you get a lot of people staring at you while babywearing? I'm kinda new to this, and I've noticed I get a lot of strange looks while wearing my baby. I get a lot of good comments on my sling, but I'm not sure of the other looks I get. I'm sure they're just not used to seeing it. Anyone else notice this or is it just me
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I notice people looking at DD in her sling often. I've heard many times a person say to their partner, "look at that!" Mostly I get good vibes from strangers.
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yes, i would get lots of stares. a few negative comments, but alot people saying "i wish i had that when dc was little!".. i even had one cashier think that i was actually slinging around a DOLL?! yes, i'm a grown woman, carrying around a doll just for fun?!?!
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I admit I'm a starer--but hopefully I'm not giving off bad vibes. Babywearing is so unusual in my area that I'm just thrilled when I see it, and I want to watch the mama/papa. I'm also often tempted to start up conversations, but I really have nothing to say but and .

Maybe that's what some of the staring is? I hope?
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Oh yeah.. I was in a south easten airport with my 2 year old in a ring sling and was standing in line waiting to get a drink and a woman said to me, "You just tied her right up on there, did ya?"

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I find myself staring at other babywearers, wondering what carrier they're wearing and where they got it. Maybe you're attracting attention from folks like me!
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Originally Posted by hubris View Post
I find myself staring at other babywearers, wondering what carrier they're wearing and where they got it. Maybe you're attracting attention from folks like me!
I know, me too!!

When dd was a newborn, I was nursing her in a ringsling at Sears. One of the salesman actually pulled back the material so he could see "what" was in there. Talk about no personal boundaries!! He actually just thought she was sleeping bc her eyes were closed and my shirt covered up any stray body parts. I always thought that was funny bc no one knew what I was really doing.
Now that she's older (2 1/2), I do get some looks while wearing her, but it doesn't bother me too much, bc I know I'm doing what's right for both of us. I say "Let 'em look!!"
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Definitely get stares - consider it your public service, helping expand people's horizons.
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I like to think it's all positive. I find myself staring too wondering what carrier they are wearing and trying to get the courage to ask
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i get stares but nobody here bw's i dont get it i think i have seen it 1 or 2 times in my town if that. So i deffinatley get stares but i am porud i love to bw one woman only saw me from the back and when i turned around she said "oh i thought you broke your back" i was wearing a pouch all i could do was laugh. i ahev also had others ask where they can get one and say i love that idea! even if they dont like the idea i dont care i kinda feel like im the cool one!

ds 2 1/2 gets to ride sometimes and when that happend i GET A LOT OF STARES guess its cuz hes older. OH WELL
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yup...double stares for moi!

Stares are normal...get used to it... that and people making random comments about said carrier...

muahahahaha...sorry im not more help

Umm Ibi
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Don't people always stare at babies no matter how they are carried? I get stares with DS in the stroller too, probably as much as while wearing him.
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Yes! I get a ton of stares. When I used to carry dd in her HotSling, people would always smile at her because she was facing forward and say something like, "I wish they made those for adults!" or "Can you carry me around in that thing?" Now that I mainly use my BabyHawk, people look a little more confused, but when they see dd's eyes peering out, they smile and often point. I've had a few people ask me what it is and where I got it, but mostly people comment on how pretty it is.

Like a pp mentioned, I stare at other baby wearing mamas because I want to figure out what carrier they're using!
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The best stares I got were when I was wearing DD under a raincoat. People just thought I was pregnant except it was pretty lumpy, and then she would move and they would be surprised! Oh, what fun!

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I know I stare cause I'm like awww another babywearing mama

but yeah I get looks but nothing bad, I think they are like what is that? how can she be holding her baby AND holding hands with two little kids?

Though the other day at wal-mart (yes evil walmart ) DS was SCREAMING while we were in line and I adjusted my sling so I could latch him on to nurse and once he was calm the very young cashier said oh don't you just love those things? and I'm like baby carriers or boobs She said oh the sling.
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I get lots of stares. I'm a wrapper, so if I go out with ds, I've got the wrap on. I think wraps are pretty unusual in this town, the only time I've ever seen another one is at a babywearers meeting, so I cna see why people would stare. For the most part, I can tell that people know there is a baby in there, because they say things like 'sweet, cute, etc.' since he is still obviously a newborn. But today I went out for a walk and a man jogged past me and gave me this look like he thought I had some sort of growth on my chest! Granted, ds was completely inside the wrap, so maybe the man had no idea what was inside but his look was hysterical!
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I had a whole post written out and i hit something and it went bye bye. UGH so here we go again.

I always get started at 100% the time when i go out with the kids. I live in a town where all you see is moms with their kids in those insanly priced strollers (bugaboo, stokke, peg) and me with my kids in slings LOL. Quite a contrast, and i also get the whispered comments of "why isnt that kid walking""that is ridiculous""why wouldnt you just use a stroller" all that good stuff. We have a local baby shop that all the moms in the area shop at that is all high end stuff. I go in their often with my kids in carriers hoping to maybe rub off on some of them. LOL the owner of the store actually approached me a few weeks ago when i went in their with the kids asking all sorts of quesitons about where to get them and how much they cost and stuff. So i am HOPING that she starts to carry some (right now she only has the moby and the bjorn). She wants me to bring all my carriers with me sometime to show her how they work and all the different kinds (she doesnt know what she is asking i have over 50 carriers LOL) so maybe that will be the push she needs.
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People do talk about dd in her wrap. They have all wonderful things to say about it, how comfy for the baby, womb like, how important it is for the baby to have all that body contact ect ect

I do however get more comments of having 4 girls all of whom are drop dead beautiful so say complete strangers.
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I have a NB and he is baby #2 . with ds #1 i only used a bjorn and pouch (it was about 5 years ago)

I live in a major city which is supposedly quite "progressive" I am AMAZED at how many people are fascinated by baby wearing.

I guess i hang with my certain "crowd"- okay so not really, i am actually quite anti social but i AM surrounded by ap people at work and such.
i kinda figured "everyone was doing it" ha ha

I think it awesome that so many people seem interested in figuring out what i am doing! it is great when i am wearing baby in a wrap, holding my 4.5 years old's hand, walking a dog and crossing a busy city street to see all the people in cars (even the people you would not expect ) smiliing at me , giving me a thumbs up etc....

i get tons of questions while checking out in line, no matter where i am, whole foods, target , farmers market etc.... i try to use it as an opportunity to educate b/c to me it really is the best! my life is so much easier this way and i KNOW the new baby absolutely loves it ....cuz he told me so
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I do get stares. I think it's because it is unusual to see something other than a baby bjorn (which we do use as well) and a snuggli. I usually get "doesn't that hurt your back?"
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