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How long until AF returned for you? - Page 2

Poll Results: How many months postpartum did AF return for you?

  • 12% (26)
    Around 2 months (average length for non-bf mamas)
  • 11% (25)
    3-5 months
  • 5% (11)
    6 months (average age solid foods are introduced)
  • 9% (19)
    7-8 months
  • 5% (12)
    9 months (the whole 9 up, 9 down therory)
  • 12% (26)
    10-12 months
  • 18% (39)
    13-15 months
  • 12% (27)
    16-18 months
  • 4% (9)
    19-21 months
  • 4% (9)
    22-24 months
  • 1% (4)
    25-30 months (average age for self-weaning)
  • 1% (4)
    After 30 months
211 Total Votes  
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I got it back at 15 months after my son was born. Baby Girl will be 11 months in 3 days and so far it hasn't arrived.
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With DD1, it was 4 months. I wasn't nursing but just pumping constantly. I was pretty disappointed. Now DD2 is almost 4 months old and AF is nowhere in sight (yet). We'll see. I would be really happy if I never got it again to be honest.
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Mine was six months but we hadn't started solids yet so that didn't have anything to do with it.
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5.5 months with my first. Still no period and my baby is 12.5 months.
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17 months with my first, was still nursing. This baby is too new to tell, I hope for at least another year of no AF!
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Around 2 months.

My kids have all been bf'd on demand, the only one that has slept through the night is our current baby.
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My first dd 4months

My second dd 20 months

My ds currently 9 months old it returned yesterday : I am sad!
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I voted around 2 months.

First time, EBF twins, it was closer to 3 months.

Second time, EBF singleton, it was 8 weeks.

Third time, EBF singleton, it was 9 weeks.

Needless to say, I was not happy any of the three times.

For whatever reason, I *only* have regular AF when I'm exclusively nursing. Go figure. I do have PCOS, so maybe that has something to do with it.
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This is interesting! So far, it appears that on average, mamas get AF back either very early or around 13-15 months. Oh, and the little paranthetical comments on the poll are just hypotheses, possible reasons for the return of AF as proposed by the literature I've read. I hope that you early mamas didn't think I was implying you weren't on-demand nursing if you got AF back within weeks postpartum. I'm just sorry you weren't rewarded with a non-existant AF for all your hard work nursing, co-sleeping, babywearing, etc!
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How come you don't have a less than 2 months option? My first two were at 4 weeks on the nose. My third was 6 months.

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Same here!
I voted 10-12 mos. It came at exactly 12 mos pp with my second one. He was a great nurser!
With my first one it came back at 6 weeks pp despite breastfeeding. But we also had major issues - supply and latch problems, fussy nursing, the whole shebang.
I am hoping for at least 12 mos AF free time with this baby. Wish me luck!
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Both mine came back at 12 mo, right after each started sleeping through the night, most nights.
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Originally Posted by Sijae View Post
How come you don't have a less than 2 months option?

Yeah, that was my mistake! I was still postpartum bleeding at 6 weeks so honestly it didn't even cross my mind that some unfortunate mamas got theirs back earlier than 2 months! But, please take the "around 2 months" option to mean 2 months or earlier. It seems like every time I make a poll I always leave something off. As I mentioned earlier, I also should've allowed mamas to vote more than once for more than one pregnancy! I'm sorry if you don't feel represented!
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With my first 2 boys my AF returned at 6 months, right when I started introducing solids.

With my youngest ds my AF returned right after he turned one. I didnt introduce solids until about a month before.
I got pregnant again with that cycle and Im sitll nursing him!
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Five weeks, despite exclusive breastfeeding, every two hours day and night.
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There wasn't and option for me to chooseI

I got mine six WEEKS after DD was born. And Yes, we co-sleep, night nurse, cue-breastfeed. So. Why on earth? :

Okay, hadn't read through all of them, at least I'm not the only one! *huge sigh of relief* But I was looking forward to 6 mos to a year. My mom told me she got hers a month after, and I was exclusively BF-ed until solids at several months. At least no cramps anymore!
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wow, is 2 months really the average length of time for NON-bf mothers?

sheesh, my AF came back a few days shy of 3 months, and my dd only gets a paci on very rare occasions--we co-sleep, sling-wear for hours a day, and she's never even been offered a bottle.

my last dd was (if it's possible) even more attached-at-the-hip, NEVER took a paci, etc etc....and AF came back at 4 months pp. :

i know a mama who is AF-free for over a year pp every time, and she really wants a big family. ironic, when i wish mine would stay away for longer!
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Originally Posted by dajones View Post
I feel so cheated as AF returned for me w/both DS & DD at about 6 weeks postpartum. I was exclusively bf, cosleeping, no bottles, no pacifiers, AP, etc. I am evious of my friends who don't have a period for a year or more after their births.
This is me!!!!!
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It was exactly 8 weeks each time.
I was and still am breastfeeding.

I don't much like how I had to choose a poll option that said (average age for non-bf mammas),
because I was breastfeeding.
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8 months for my first, 14 months for my second (boobaholic all the way ), and too soon to tell for my third.

Dd was a good sleeper, ds was not, I think that had a lot to do with the return of AF. My newest ds sleeps a good 9 hour stretch most nights, so I am guessing I may be closer to the 8 months this time, though he does nurse all the time that he's awake.
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