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Would you breastfeed sisters baby?

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Sorry if this doesn't belong here but I needed some opinions and advice... I'm watching my sisters 3 week old baby on Saturday so she can work (single mother and she needs money). She is doing a great job avoiding formula but shes unsure if she can pump enough to be gone a whole day. I guess shes having a hard time pumping/breastfeeding at the same time. Anyway!! Should I breastfeed him if she cant get enough out? Is that weird? He is family and I would have her permission. If I do will that hurt my supply? I have a 3 month old daughter I'm also breastfeeding.
I am so proud of her for breastfeeding... she didn't with her first son so I think I've been a positive influence on her :
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As long as she's okay with it, I think that's probably the best option. Certainly no need to give him formula if you have perfectly good milk right there.
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Absolutely I would. If your certain of the... "purity" of your breastmilk - no drugs, etc - and your sister is okay with it, I don't see any reason why not. You supply may dip initially at the time you feed him, but it's a supply and demand system. If anything you'll end up with MORE milk than your DD needs.

But definitely try and give her support as to the pumping issue. Sometimes it takes different pumps, fitted horns, new positions, etc. Also recommend lots and lots of oatmeal.
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Thats really sweet that you would do that...as a pumping WOHM I know how hard it is to get enough - and I just realy think you are a great sis!
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I second and third all pp before me. As long as your sister knows beforehand that you're going to nurse her child, and she's totally okay with that, it's better than pumped milk. Also, it will help to avoid nipple confusion, because even though your nipples and your sister's may be different, they're still more alike than her nipple would be to a bottle nipple (did that make any sense? ).

I say go for it; I wish more people would think like this, actually. I also think you and your sister are doing a great thing by even considering this.
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I think this is totally cool! I would totally nurse my sister's baby and hope she would do the same for me.

You might also suggest that she pump while nursing, as sometimes this can stimulate letdown. Pumping can also be a psychological game, so holding something that reminds her of the babe can help. Or even making a ritual around it, I once knew someone who would ALWAYS have a milkshake before she pumped.
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Originally Posted by kathywiehl View Post
As long as she's okay with it, I think that's probably the best option. Certainly no need to give him formula if you have perfectly good milk right there.
I agree. If the mom is okay with it, no problem.
It won't reduce your supply. One day really isn't long enough to make any significant changes, but if a change in your supply were to happen, nursing a second baby would actually increase your supply.
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I should add that even though breastfeeding your sister's child will improve your supply, her being away might harm her supply if she doesn't provide stimulation, so if she can, she should probably take at least a hand pump with her to express milk while she's away from him to keep up her supply. Other than that, everything I said before remains the same...
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Yes, I would.

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I would. My sister quit BF shortly after her son was born and I'd still be willing to pump milk for him if she were open to that. The more breastmilk a baby can have the better IMO
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I've "wetnursed" and so have a couple of my friends!

Best of luck to your sister and to you!
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I agree with all the PP; I would do it!
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Thank you ladies!! Thats what I needed to hear. : Just didn't want to be weird for doing it... plus hes my nephew and I love him so anything to help him is what I'll do
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As long as she's okay with it, yes. Absolutely.
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You're a sweetheart for doing this, and for offering this to your sister.
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women have been nursing their sister's babies for thousands of years, it is totally normal
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My mom nursed her niece,my cousin so her sister could go back to work. My mother-in-law nursed my older two on several occasions. This worked so much better. No pumping for bottles and no stress if I couldn't get back in time.
I agree w/the previous posters also about pumping while she's at work to keep up her supply. Another suggestion I have is ti maybe take the babe to work so she can nurse it during her longest break such as lunch. The lady I did daycare or did this when dad picked up babe took it straight to mom at work. she came at lunch so there were fewer bottles,HTH
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If she is okay with it, go for it. I nursed my neice and she's 3 months younger then my ds. She looked at me kinda funny, but that didn't stop her from eating.
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I definitely would. Absolutely. No question.
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I don't have a sister but I HAVE bf my brothers baby. SIL was in the hospital a few days after they had their 2nd child w/ a horrible staph infection, she was so out of it they didn't want baby to stay w/ her but she really wanted baby to have NO FF so since I was BF'ing my dd who was 4 mths old I bf'd both of the babies until she got out.

Its fine as long as she is fine w/ it too! What an awesome job she is doing and you for offering.

Since you've got the milk why not give it to her! :
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