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Absolutely! Good for you for helping to re-normalize what has been done for all those thousands of years when mamas didn't have pumps and bottles!
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I would definately do it if I had mom's permission!!
Good for you and good for her for OKing it
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I admire you so much for doing that for your sis! I would love to help donate milk or wetnurse! What a gift!
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I personally would, if I had a sister, if I was still lactating, and if I had the baby's mom's permission. Under no circumstances would I nurse another woman's baby without her permission.

"Auntie milk" is a million times better than formula!
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I'm a student at a birth center where all the lactating students pass our babes around to one another for feeding whenever needed. I've also nursed several clients' babies for various reasons. We all have an understanding, we're disease-and-drug free, and it's great! So yes, I think its great that you can do that, and I hope your sister will take advantage.
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: You ladies are so sweet :

Thank you very much for the support.
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If she's fine with it, go for it.
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I pumped some and gave the milk to my sister's twins. Not sure if she would have let me actually nurse them, she was a little hesitant about accepting the milk at first. If you are both comfortable with it, there's no reason not too!
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Yes, I would.
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Good this idea came to your mind. Talk to your sister. I am sure it will work well. You also have here several examples of cross nursing (including one inter-generational); can also count me in as one of the examples. It is women's prerogative afterall. Lot of gibberish is also there about adverse consequences of women bf'ing others' babies. According to me wherever there is mutual trust and goodwill, all will be well. May God be with you.
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If she is Ok with it sure. Actually a close friend of mine (with a child close in age to one of my own) had me babysit while she went to school so that I could breast feed both of our dd's in order to avoid the bottle for hers. Having always had an ample supply I was more then happy to help a friend continue nursing.
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I know I'm just adding to a broken record, but its a GREAT idea
I've nursed other babes, my DD has been bursed by other mamas...
its totally natural and normal and the best thing to do in that situation
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heck yes, i would!

i wouldn't be concerned for my OWN supply...but hers might be in jeopardy if she's not doing something to protect it.
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I haven't read any of the othe replies, but I totally would.
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Absolutely! If your baby is thriving off of your milk, her baby should also thrive. I give milk to my sister, and a friend and I nurse each other's babies, and we're not even family! We made sure we knew each other and were comfortable with each other's health status, and the decision was an easy one.

BUT, make sure your sister still tries to pump so her supply doesn't diminish. And she needs to co-sleep, sling-wear (skin to skin contact), nurse on demand, etc on the days that she has the baby with her.

Good luck! YOu're a great mom and a great sister!
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I have on several occaisions nursed a cousin's baby, a friend's baby, and a baby I took care of...for comfort, for nourishment, and for going to sleep. I would again in a heartbeat. No question.
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Yes. I think it's great.
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I have done it for a friend. That is what they are there for. I would have no problem doing it for my sister. She is going to be a wohm and we discussed this as our future arrangement.
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Breastmilk is ofcourse better than formula.
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You bet!! My sister and I are both nursing babies right now, and it's never been needed but we've talked about how we're both ok with it if the need ever arises!!

Good for you, thinking outside of the box and mainstream!!

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