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Great Fluffy Mail Day

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Today was a great day. I got my Omelay cover and 2 diapers. Tabitha did multi colored snaps and everything looks awesome. She is going to do fabulously. I got an Ivy-Rose appliqued cover, the cutest Lucy's Hope Chest AIO and 2 windpro Diaperbabies covers for nightime. All these WAHMS are so talented. Here are some pictures:

Fluffy Mail

Amazing snaps

Close-up of Ivy-Rose applique

Monkey AIO

Diaperbabies covers
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That Ivy Rose applique is gorgeous!! I it!!

I had a good day, too. I got my order from the kissaluvs outlet (four size 1s and five doublers) and from littlesprouts (three growing greens, and six fleece topped doublers).

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That is an AWESOME fluffy day!!!

I LOVE the ivy rose applique one!!! I'm almost regretting looking at them because it's giving me inklings...
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Me too. I got 6 large Bumkins AIO....even though ds is still in medium.
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I got 4 yards of fleece(geranium, lilac, lipstick, tomato)
2 more yards of fleece(lime, lavender)
2 RB contours from a mamma here
an evelope of fleece scraps from a mama here
3 contours and 13 wipes from teri at fmbg
AND a 20.00 rebate check from our microhood that I've been waiting on forever!!!!
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Wow! What an awesome day you had!
I got my SMJAE order of a dozen fleece-topped doublers.
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