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Pregnant! Where do I sign up for a homebirth!!

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Hi Ladies,

I've visited this board many times so that I might think I knew what to do and where to begin when the time came. Well, I just tested +++ and the time is now here and I don't have the faintest idea of what to do. :

I want a home/waterbirth with a midwife. How do I do this? I suppose I need an "official" test. I'm not sure if I should go to my family Dr. or if I should find a midwife first. I don't reckon that my family Dr. will be too keen on hearing about a home birth but I don't suppose I'll have to tell her what my plan is. Or would you recomend that I dicuss it with my doctor just so I'm not being bull headed about the whole thing and I hear both sides? I'd rather avoid the confrontation with the Dr. but I want to do whats best.

Books? I need to find some good books on what to expect and homebirth specifically. Lots of books.

Anyway, I'm a little freaked out right now so I'll ask more questions later.
By the way this is my first pregnancy. This was our 3rd cycle charting and TTC. I feel so blessed in every sense of the word.

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first off CONGRATULATIONS!!! Kudo's to you for deciding to have a homebirth for your first.... your baby is off to a perfect start already !!

I dont know how they do it in Texas... but where I'm from I just called up a midwife and made an appt... she didnt do an "official" pg test . I didnt tell my Dr.... he found out when she sent over my records after the birth. He thought I was really cool and brave to have a home waterbirth....go figure!!

Once you find a midwife, she will hopefully have a nice office with loads of books and videos that you can borrow.. mine did, and I took out some on every visit!

anyway good luck on your journey to mamahood!!
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You do not need to go to your doctor at all. I have had three babies (one in hospital, one at a freestanding birth center and one at home) and have never seen a doctor for pregnancy. Midwives can do everything you need and if something comes up later that requires a referral, then the midwife can help you find the right OB at that time (but of course we hope that day doesn't come).

I would suggest interviewing some local midwives. Get recommendations from friends. Try contacting your local La Leche League - they will likely have some good names for you. Most midwives will meet with you at their birth center for no cost - you can learn what their philosophy of birth is and just get a feel for whether or not you "click" with her.

You say you want to "hear both sides". Both sides of what? Homebirth? Most doctors will tell you that out of hospital birth is unsafe - this is simply not true but they can make you very fearful with scary (often untrue) claims. All three of my births were in different locations and all were good (though I did prefer the out of hospital births - I think this is mostly a case of those births being Licensed Midwives NOT Certified Nurse Midwives). What does your dh think? What does your insurance cover? These are more important questions than what your primary care doctor thinks about homebirth or natural birth in general or midwifery care.

There are lots of good books. I like "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg. "The Birth Book" by Sears. "A Good Birth, A Safe Birth" by ? I recently read a fantastic book that compared the different types of midwives and how the place where they practice can affect the care they are allowed to give. Can't remember the name....

Good luck finding a midwife you love. Oh, another good resource for finding good midwives is your local Bradley childbirth instructor. Call her and see who she likes in your area. Not positive of the Bradley website - maybe www.bradleybirth.com

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Thanks Née Née and Kirsten,
I appreciate the advice. I suppose in my bumbbling I didn't say what I really ment about the dr. I really don't want to hear what the doctor thinks. I don't want to hear a bunch of biased, frightening things. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being unreasonable and stupidly bull headed. I don't believe that I am. And actually I really didn't know if I needed to get a blood test or something. I actually hadn't planned on seeing a doctor at all for my pregnancy. Of course when I tell friends that I won't be seeing a doctor they about have a heart attack. So, I just had to get the confirmation one more time. Thank you for the courage boost. I have no doubt I can do this.

By the way Née Née, I'm not in Texas anymore I'm in Minneapolis You did make "calling up and getting an appointment" sound so easy. Thats what I'll do first!

Thanks again.
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Hi Amy. Congratulations!!! How exciting for you and your family.
I'm in Georgia and for me going to the doctor (not the OB, but an understanding family doc, your mw might help you find one) once was helpful b/c it made getting the birth certificate easier. I needed "proof of pregnancy" and a note from the doc did it. I just went, did their pregnancy test, and asked the doc for a note confirming preggo and EDD. So simple and cut out frustrations after the birth.
Just my .02
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Congratulations! I just found out on Wednesday that I'm pregnant, too. This will be my first homebirth, and I had already been doing research. I went to a site called www.alace.org after I saw an ad for them in Mothering magazine. They have a list of childbirth educators by state, and I was able to find one in my state that said she herself had homebirthed, so I called her about her childbirth education class, which I can't wait to take, and I also asked her for recommendations for homebirth midwives and she was able to give me names and phone numbers. I was totally excited, because my state doesn't license midwives unless they are CNM's who around here only do hospital or birth center deliveries. I thought I'd have so much trouble finding a midwife, and here I am with a short list making phone calls to see which one I want to pick. Check out that website, and don't get discouraged. There's usually a whole underground midwife culture even in states where it's not recognized legally. Good luck and congratulations again!!
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Direct entry midwives practice legally in the state of Minnesota, so you shouldn't have a problem finding one. They might even be listed in the phone book.

I see no reason for you to see a doctor. Just see a midwife.

Books. Lots of books. Here you go.

The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Romm
Special Delivery by Rahima Baldwin Dancy
Birth at Home by Sheila Kitzinger
The Home Birth Book by Charlotte and Fred Ward
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg
Active Birth by Janet Balaskas
Birth Your Way by Sheila Kitzinger
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
Birthing From Within
Women Giving Birth

Get used to friends/family having heart attacks about your plans. If I were you, I would avoid telling as many people as possible until after the fact.

Have a wonderful pregnancy and birth!
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