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Who here remembers being bf?

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I'm just curious...

I was bf until I was four, so I have wonderful memories of it. And, of course, I want to offer the same to my child. I was wondering how many people here find that some of their basis for lactivism and supporting EF is based in part on their own positive memories (rather than just research). My theory is that EB and nursing in general would have more mainstream support if people could remember it from their own childhood.
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I was pretty much weaned from the breast at 6 weeks, so no memories of myself breastfeeding. I do remember my aunt breastfeeding her babies at holday functions when I was elementary school age. I also remember the LLL meeting posters in the vestibule of the church I went to as a kid.

For me it was more of a religious thing that made me decide. I was using a lot of mother goddess imagry and had a specific vision of what I wanted to emulate. After being forced into a c-section, breastfeeding was a very strong way for me to reclaim some part of what I wanted for my body and my baby. It was only after things were well established that I really learned about the studies and other research that I threw myself into learning all I possibly could on the subject and gathering as many books as I could. It got me my job, so I guess I did pretty good.

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I am a very strong proponent of breastfeeding and I have no memories of it :
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I have no memories of personally being breastfed, but I am the oldest of 5 and remember all the rest of them nursing. My mom was a LLL leader and a tandem/extended bf thru most of the 80s and 90s.
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I am 38, and my mother told me that FFing was 'the thing to do" back in the 60's. I do, though, remember trying to get to her breasts when I was about two. She was carrying me around, and I had my legs around her waist. I tried to latch on to her through her shirt, and she was so startled that she let go of me. I remember dropping and falling backwards, and the only reason I didn't hit the ground was because my legs were still wrapped around her waist.

So there's my BFing memory.
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Nope. I was only breastfed for 6 weeks. I do remember one of my younger brothers being breastfed. Unfortunately, the the most vivid memory of it was him biting my mom and she covered his mouth (I dont think it was a hit or slap) and told him not to bite. But, Im still a big time lactivist. =)
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I wasn't BF.
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I remember my mom breastfeeding my brother, I was weaned after a few weeks, and I asked her if I could try. I didnt like it much and it didnt taste like I imagined it would and it made me feel really uncomfortable, but Ive never felt comfortable with my mom even at 5 years old when this happened. I remember my brother loving it though!
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I was the only one of my mom's seven children that she didn't even attempt to breastfeed. I do remember her nursing my five younger siblings, and this is one reason I decided to breastfeed my own children.
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I have one very vague memory. I was somewhere over 2 when my mother stopped nursing me but I occasionally catch a "glimpse" in my memories of being curled up on her lap nursing and cuddling. It was winter and snowing, and she was warm. For some reason in my memory the milk tasted like hot cocoa
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This is very interesting...I have always wondered about this as I have no memories here.
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I don't talk to my mom anymore and I can't remember how long she breastfed for (not too long - probably less than a year) but I do recall the feeling of her cool skin on my cheek. I'm pretty sure it was from nursing.

I also remember being one or two in a baby backpack, just a flash of walking out of the house with my siblings all in front of us.
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I nursed til my mom ran out of milk at 9 months. (3 months longer than my with my older brother though). My mom always told me how great nursing was, and that every mom should at least try, and how sad it was more people didn't. (this was the 70's, so it wasn't normal and accepted like it is now).

I've always been glad I don't remember nursing though. And it's not a memory I'd want my child to have. Each to their own, though.

I got a bottle form 9months to sometime after 2, and I don't remember getting one, altho I do remember NOT getting one. So I'd nurse til around 2, if I could.

The fact that people here are saying they remember it and they are ok with it is some help, as if I am ever have another child, I guess it's possible they could remember. It just completely icks me out. (not seeing someone else nurse a child, I mean the thought of ME nursing at that age.)
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i dont remember per say... but it had to be fun cuz i look sooooooo darn happy in photos my mom has
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Originally Posted by ChrisR View Post
I wasn't BF.
same here.
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I weaned at 10 months (Mom was 3-4 months pregnant with my next sibling), so my memories are of Mom bfing my siblings. If I had weaned when the rest of my siblings weaned (usually between 15-18 months, unwitting MLW) - I would remember it, as I have several clear memories from during that timeframe.

Ina remembers it and has mentioned it several times. She weaned at about 2 1/2 (gentle MLW for the last two months) - she has described nursing to me (in the dark, in the bedroom, snuggled up) - and remembers which breast was her favorite (she's sure it's SJ's favorite too, and I think she's right ). She has good memories of it. And I'm so glad, because the reason she was MLW instead of CLW was because I had a horrible, angry reaction whenever she'd latch on once I got pregnant with SJ. And I was so worried she'd remember that, instead of all the wonderful nursing times we'd had.

I do think that the more people who remember nursing, the less "weird" it can seem to people. When your coworker tells you, "Oh, yes, I remember nursing, it was just the most comfortable safe feeling I've ever had," -- it doesn't sound so weird (I hope) to people who are wrapped up in the sexualization of breasts and uncomfortable with "extended" breastfeeding.
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I do want to add, though, that I don't even remember having a bottle. According to my mother, she had a hard time giving me a bottle, and she had to give me formula with a spoon.
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I vaguely remember bfing. But, only very vaguely, despite having nursed till I was 4. However, I don't remember much of anything before I was 6.5 (at which time I had a seizure and was in a coma for 10 days...), so that kind of goes along with my whole memory-theme But, I've definetly heard about how I nursed till I was 4 my whole life
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I don't have the best memory from childhood. But I definitely remember the last time I breastfed - It was my 6th birthday at my grammy's house. We were at her house visiting from far away, it was night time, and I was scared.

I remember thinking at the time - ok, I am too old now, this is odd

I think my lacavisim comes from 2 places - my parents who were very vocal about how important it is (my mom was even a LLL leader for many years) AND the biologist in me who studies evolution and knows how finely tuned our own bodies are for what they are supposed to do.

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i remember being curled up in my moms lap, and arguing with her over which one i wanted (good natured, laughing and all, not yelling, etc) and telling her which one was strawberry or chocolate or vanilla, and which one i wanted at the time!
i was nursed until almost 4, when some..woman called cps because my mom was bfing me "so she didnt have to buy real milk" : :
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