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Florida welfare/govt. assistance for SAHM

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sorry, I didn't know where to ask this, but does anyone know how I could get financial assistance in FL? currently, both DP and I are working full-time, but I would really like to become a SAHM so I can raise our child, instead of family/friends/daycare.

here's some background info:

1.) We are not married. We have been living together for 2 years.

2.) I applied for WIC, but was denied because we make $98 too much a month.

3.) I applied for medicaid, but haven't been given an answer yet.

4.) I was told at the WIC office that if I applied for welfare, they would just go after DP for child support, and that's it.

If we got married, would that make a difference? I've also been trying to find some kind of job I can do from home, but that has also been uneventful!

ARG! We're poor, but we're not "poor enough." And so far, I can't find anyone to help us.

help! Please!
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Hi, well there's good news and bad news. the good is that you probably could get welfare if you quit your job,declared yourself head of the household on your taxes, and had dp get a new "address" and pay you child support. the bad news is that in order to qualify for welfare you have to do the equlivent of about 40 hours of time wasting job training or job searching. you generally cannot take your kids with you while doing this.

this is the case in my state anyway. you will probably want to do a check of exactly what the income guidelines are for your state's assistance programs. wIC's income bands are very wide as is most daycare subsidy programs. wider than the stingy food stamps and welfare type stuff.

Good luck mama, you will find a way.
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I would begin with your extended family. You may have already tried this route---and I have no idea what circumstances are like. This can be difficult, I know, but the government is just a different kind of family. Perhaps an individual or a group of folks may be able to help you for a time? By providing cash or some kind of bartering assistance (reduced rent, pick up car insurance costs, yard work, housecleaning services, etc)? Next, I would investigate whatever religious/spiritual/civic organization you belong to. Often, such groups have funds set aside for assisting people in specific need. Third, I would look into a community foundation/grant maker. Even if they cannot support you directly, they will likely be aware of what resources are available in FL. There are also some great books available which can help you strategically plan the next year out, so that by your child's first birthday you could be a SAHM. Check out the local library. They can usually acquire books through interlibrary loan if they don't carry such a book.

You also asked about marriage? Yes, I would get married, but not if your the reason is to stay at home with this baby. Good marriages (usually, but not always) provide benefits to couples, to children, and to society as a whole. But bad marriages often hurt all three. If your financial situation changes over time, how would that affect your decision to marry? As for the legal effects of marriage, I have no idea how it impacts government subsidies and local law. I can only speak from my experience. Overall, it has increased our tax burden. But then, I didn't marry my spouse because he was a tax break. I married him because he was my soul mate, he shared the same goals, and because I couldn't imagine myself not being *one* with him.

Good luck. There is a solution waiting just around the corner.
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Well we do love each other, and we had plans to get married before we got pg. I guess I didn't write that the right way before! LOL!! I always mess that up somehow. LOL.

thanks for the info
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