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mouthwash? wipes? (x posted from toddlers)

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DD1 is 2.5yo and some days she is ok with tooth brushing. Some days she isn't. Tooth brushing is non-negotiable in our house and we've got all the gizmos... character brushes, battery brushes, blinking brushes. We have different pastes. She brushes our teeth, or her doll's teeth, or her own teeth (with us following after). We sing songs, do dances, hunt for sugar monsters, hold her upside down over a lap while silly brushing. We have also wrapped her in a towel and brushed while she screamed. As I mentioned, not brushing is NOT an option and we've done it twice a day since she was 4mo old.

However, she is potty learning, she's a determined "my space/my way" toddler, and she is also adjusting to a new sibling. So she is starting to resist brushing more and more...she wont do it herself and she wont let us help either (she still brushes her doll's teeth though). The past few nights have been rotten. So I'm looking for ideas to round out sub-par brushing...

Are there mouthwashes or wipes or foods dd could use? She will swallow anything in her mouth so adult washes are out...

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Spiffies! are great! You can get them on ebay along with some stores. They have xylitol my kids really liked them. We always got grape.
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I would look into the xylitol stuff like the Spiffies wipes and the different gums. The gum is supposed to help remove left over food stuck in the teeth and has the xylitol which is supposed be great for teeth too.
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Thanks! We'll see if we can find those spiffies...DH has a xylitol gum but I think 2yo dd would just eat it.
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