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Need advice....Kissaluvs or ME OS?

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I want to simplify my system, which contains so many different kinds and sizes of dipes that I'm recycling from my son's cloth diapering days. I'm not very good with prefolds, and really want to go with fitteds.

I've never tried either of these....which do you think is best? Kissaluvs or ME OS? My daughter is already 18 pounds, so I think even with the Kissaluvs that she'd stay in the same size. And, I kind of like the different colors too. But, I've heard SO MANY good things about ME too.

Anyone out there tried both? Thanks for the help!
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i have......ok heres my take on it...I liked the MEs because they were sooooo trim and they fit well into later days...My only problem with the MEs was the absorbancy and that they got kinda rough kinda fast(but that can easily be solved) i should forewarn you i have a very heavy wetter though...lol and even with the liner the MEs didnt cut it for me.....

The kissaluvs i loved...i just loved rolling around in all that softness..the only problem is that really it just has alot of layers inside it and it makes it kinda horrible to dry em...the MEs dont have that many layers and with the added doubler makes it kinda a quickdry diaper....but its really high up, if ykwim...the kissaluvs are lowrise and loved that on my son...but he lost weight or actually i should say started trimming down, cause hes moving more and the KL were just tooo big on him now so i wasnt going to buy a smaller size again....

Just my take on it....
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I was thinking the same thing with the rise on the kissaluvs. My daughter NEEDS more of a rise. She's quite long, yet chubby! In fact, she is wearing the SAME diapers my 2 1/2 year old just stopped using, and she's only 7 months old!

Perhaps some ME with the snap-in liner? I do have a question though:
Originally posted by liya
My only problem with the MEs was the absorbancy and that they got kinda rough kinda fast(but that can easily be solved)
How can it be easily solved? Do tell! :-)

Thanks for the input! I do have about a week to think on it, until I make some fresh money!
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I'm not crazy about the ME OS.

I LOOOOVE Kissaluvs! DD (10 months, 17lbs.) is just growing out of size 1, but size 2 is still HUGE on her, so I'm very sad that we won't be using them anymore (at least until she grows into those size 2s).

That said, I think you should try out both to see what works best for your little one. I know someone who only uses ME OS. Also, a friend of mine tried Kissaluvs for her son and didn't like them. Every brand fits each baby differently.

Good luck!
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I diapered one from 3 months thru potty-trainnig with ME OS, and one from birth to about a year in ME OS- this is my take on them: if you don't mind adding a thick cotton or hemp doubler every time, they work great- nice fit, no leg ruffles, dry quickly-- and they did truly fit my dd all the way to 31 months when she was out of dipes.

They are not very absorbent! With my ds, he wet so much I used a folded infant prefold in addition to the liner to get absorbency. I started looking for other dipes when he turned 12 months. With dd, a nice thick cotton doubler (I had ecobaby ones then) in addition to the liner was good enough.

Haven't tried Kissaluvs.

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I've only used ME dipes and they have always worked well for us. Well except for the rough issue, which I finally solved (I can pm you about it or you can search through the Calgon thread for my diaper washing routine). Many moms have wonderful success with the ME dipes but if you have a very heavy wetter you'd better look elsewhere. I use ours with the snap-in liner always since I started diapering my dd in them at around 20 mos. old. ME take *forever* to break in, I warn you now. HOT water with strong detergent and several washes, like at least 5.

I've heard wonderful things about Kissaluvs too, but the price kept me from trying them. Onesize diapers are a lot more economical. My 2 year old is using them as training pants right now, and I'm planning to use the same ones on my new baby due in Feb. Def. getting my $$s worth out of them.

Maybe you can order one of each and try them out and then decide which, if either one, will work for you. You can even buy them used if you want to save $$ in your trial period.

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Originally posted by Safemommy

How can it be easily solved? Do tell! :-)
Ok i used hemp on my son and although i used a JB the problem wasnt even solved then...sigh...but i have an EXTREMELY HEAVY WETTER....the only diaper that works for him is made of hemp french terry(which is thin, so it lets the diaper have more layers of it without making it bulky) i went with a OS diaper also i changed to Cuddlebuns cause really i need the economical issue but they do cost way more than the MEs but the just didnt work for me...For the rough issue use some Calgon...Darshaini had a recent thread about it you can look it up in the search button or if not im sure she will be happy to answer your questions...

I was going to go through the ME route yet again but i just knew that they wouldnt work for me ....

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Hmmmm....I have a pretty heavy wetter (I think, I only have my son to compare her to, and he was a pretty heavy wetter too). A cuddlebun is soaked in an hour or less. But, I think trying a couple of each is a good idea!

Originally posted by mama2annabelle

I LOOOOVE Kissaluvs! DD (10 months, 17lbs.) is just growing out of size 1, but size 2 is still HUGE on her, so I'm very sad that we won't be using them anymore (at least until she grows into those size 2s).

That is a problem I was thinking about too. My daughter is about 18 pounds, so she's on the upper limit of the size 1 (plus, she's real chunky around the middle anyway), but I wonder if she'd drown in the size 2's?

I think I'd better go check out ebay for some cheap deals!
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I tried ME OS when I first started cd'ing about 3 years ago in the trial package. DD was a heavy wetter and they just didn't cut it for us. The trial package is how I fell in love with ME Airflows, though . I used Kissaluvs size 0 w/baby #2 and they were great for the nb stage- when I sold them I recouped about 75% of what I paid for them, brand new, so it turned out to be quite economical for us. Good luck!
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I have both Kissaluvs and ME and I like them both. I'd vote for the ME for several reasons - more economical, they last longer (size-wise), and they're not so bulky as the kissaluvs. They also dry more quickly.

The big complaint I've heard about ME is that they're not as absorbant as some other diapers. That's never been a problem for me, but the Kissaluvs are definitely more absorbant, but that does make the drying time longer.

BTW, I have some Kissaluvs sz 2 on the trading post right now if you're interested in trying them.
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i hated the ME OS and the kissaluv has a short rise which is good for me cause ihave a short ried baby...... so it depends...... but i prefer the KL to the ME
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Have you looked at Sandy's?

They are a bit more absorbant than the ME OS, and since you already have an 18lb-er, you could get the larger size probably and not have to worry about another one. I have ME OS, and they do not cut if for absorbancy, so I tried a Sandy's a while back, which are good daytime diapers, but not as trim as the OS. My son is 21lbs, long with chunky thighs, and the KL size two fit him on the smallest setting. I would vote ME as well if I chose between the two. Instead of the ME doublers (which aren't that great), try SMJAE for some fleece hemp doublers... that's how I've salvaged my ME OS so DH has some fitteds to use.
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Re: Have you looked at Sandy's?

Originally posted by BabyOsMommy
Instead of the ME doublers (which aren't that great), try SMJAE for some fleece hemp doublers... that's how I've salvaged my ME OS so DH has some fitteds to use.
So, do you think that system is a good onw? Better than Kissaluvs?

I am getting the feeling that ME OS are not very absorbant and I don't want that! But, I don't think Katelyn will fit into size 2's yet and I hate to buy size 1's that she'll outgrow soon. So, if it weren't for the absorbancy issue I think I'd go with ME. You like it with the SMJAE doubler?

Knowing me, I'll get a sample pack of both though! :LOL And then, I'll STILL be stalking that SOS site!!
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I like it for the daytime and at home

I guess I have to keep in mind that I'm trying to "fix" my system to avoid buying all new fitted dipes. Dh has tried to snappi prefolds, and gave up, so he uses the ME in the evenings and weekends.

If I had to do it again, and had $$$ to spend, I would try some of the hemp fitteds out there. I have been eyeing Lizs cloth and Sugarbums. I think before you invest in a bunch of dipes, giving hemp a try would be a good idea. If kissaluvs are in your budget, then try some hemp first as well? Definitely at least try one kissaluv, because I find the fit to be strange on DS, but even the straight fleece ones absorb more than the ME Sandy's. So, I am managing well with ME OS and SMJAE doublers, but it's not without it's flaws... since you're starting from the beginning you may want to see what else is out there.
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If you have an extemely heavy wetter IMO they arent worth it...I was considering purchasing them again but really i thought about it and decided agaist them because of the absorbancy(i needed cheap diapers)...I did how ever get a great deal on hemp diapes...and those sugarbums look great!!!!so you should give those a try...

SMJAE can help alot but really sometimes you need a little bit more absorbancy in the diaper....you can try it though..
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Thank you all SO MUCH!

I am so glad that I came here with my question! I really learned a lot and have a better idea what to spend my depleting money supply on!

I think my best bet a to get a sample of a couple of diapers...that'll buy me some time for Katelyn to get a little bigger and hopefully fit into the size 2's anyway.

Thanks again so much!!
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I vote neither if you have a heavy wetter.

ME OS + liner is a total joke for my heavy wetter dd. They do fit and wear well though so if you don't mind upgrading the liner....

Kissaluvs just have a really wierd fit. It's like they fit really wide but so low in the rise. Also the elastic in my one KL that I gently used for only a few months lost a ton of it's elasticity. And for us KL seemd bulky without really being absorbant.

I wish I had an economical alternative to suggest...I was so bummed after trying these two types of fitteds I twitched back to CPFs.
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