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Book to help toddler prepare for new baby

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Anyone know of a good book to get to read to my 2 1/2 year old in the next few weeks about the new arrival we will soon be having?
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Dr. Sears has a great series. One about being pregnant and having the baby one about bringing a new baby home.
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If you're planning a homebirth (or even if you're not, but comfortable with the idea), Welcome with Love is wonderful. Shows mom birthing in a squat, supported by dad, wearing only socks, I believe . The kids are present at the birth and quite involved. The illustrations are wonderful. It talks about breastfeeding and shows cosleeping as well.

peace, Beth
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i second welcome with love. i always choke up when i read it because it is so beautifully done
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I 3rd Welcome with Love.

I started reading to DS #1(he was almost 3 when DS#2 came along) from the beginning of my pregnancy.. and by the 4th month he had it memorized.... its a beautiful book and I credit it alot to how my son reacted to his brothers birth... he took it all in stride..even when I was screaming down the house!!!
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"What's Inside" is available from www.lalecheleague.org. It is a lift the flap book that reveals the mamas developing baby in her belly. We started reading it when dd was 20 months old. She is now 25 months and I am due next month. I think it helped her grasp the idea of what was in my belly!
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these have been recommended to me:

"i'm a big brother" by joanna cole
ZaZa's baby brother, lucy cousin
my big brother, my valerie fisher
happy birthday, robbie harris
arthur's new baby book,
Joanna Cole's The New Baby at Your House
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Beth, thank you so much. I coud not remember the title of that book and want to get it for my kids. Off to order it now.
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We just borrowed "Hello Benny!: What it's Like to be a Baby" from the library. My four year old and I love it, but it might be above the comprehension level for a 2.5yr old. I love that breastfeeding is presented first (and pictured), and described in detail.

This book is more about babies and what life is like for them, whereas some of the other titles listed focus more on how a new baby affects family life--so this might not be exactly what you're looking for, but it's a great book all the same!

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themed books

my suggestiongs for what they are worth......

A lot of cartoons have books about this; Author has a big brother book. Barney does. I think Sesme Street does....and so on. So if your 2.5 year has a freind; you might find a book with that theme.

I got my first newpher a bunch of books; including Im a Big Brother Now, and sent to him while his mom was pg with 2nd son. I think it helped him a lot.

Also get a book of "what baby looks like now" with pictures of the baby developing in you and show week by week what is in you.

Find a book you are confortable with about the actual delivery; even if the 2.5 year old won't be there. there WILL be questions and fears.

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We've been reading a book called "My mom and dad and I are having a baby" written by a midwife. It is a simple book, from the perspective of a child who observes and recounts his/her mother's pregnancy and home birth. I wish I could get the name of the author, but it's next to the bed.

My son is 2 1/2 and LOVES that book. It has sketch drawings and there is a series of pictures of when the mom is opening up more and more then the baby's head is out. He loves that part the most. He understands all about what will happen, where the baby will come out, what noises I may make, etc.

I'll look to see who wrote it and edit this later. It's old, don't know if it's easily available- we got it from my midwife.

OK- it's written by Maryann Malecki

Here's the amazon link: book

Amazon says it costs like $100.00- I don't understand why-- maybe you could find the author and ask her for a copy of it personally.
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that link did not work so here it is:


and yes it is $100.00
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