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anyone tried a folding potty seat?

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We need to make the jump to using public restrooms.
Has anyone used a folding potty seat like this one?
Is it sturdy? It doesn't pinch anything, does it?


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Yes, I have one similar to that but with Sesame Street characters on it. We call it the "Elmo potty". DD likes it and seems secure on it, no pinching. I take it with us when we're out. We have been on vacation for 5 weeks and the potty learning process has seriously regressed (we didn't use the Elmo potty at all) but prior to that she often would use it if we were out and about. She won't ask to use it but if I take her to a stall and put her on it she'll pee.

Of course you can also use it on your toilet at home with a stepstool. It's a great product IMO. The one we have folds up smaller than you would think.
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I have one with rubber for the hinges where it folds instead of just hinges. I like it but it folds up all the tme on the toilet which can be a pain, however I have heard way to many pinching stories whith the others to chance it
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Where did you get the one with the rubber to aovid pinching?
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I just got back from a two week vacation and our fold up potty seat has been in ,what feels like, every gas station bathroom between Ontario and Nova Scotia. It really is a great thing to have. Compact, sturdy and inexpensive.

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Originally Posted by Golden View Post
Where did you get the one with the rubber to aovid pinching?

One Step Ahead has a folding potty seat they claim doesn't pinch.
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We used one all the time. Once dd got pinched, my fault, and wouldn't use it again.
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i have that one - it's total crap. Bends when dc sits on it - seems like on a large seat it could fall through. not sturdy. scoots forward and backward on the elongated seats of public toilets. Plus I wasn't keen on carrying around a seat that had been on a toilet seat (I know some moms have a special bag for it, but my DD would have put her hands in the toilet water in the time it would take me to shove the seat in a special bag). I used it once, then it got stuck in the back of the closet. We taught DD to pee/poop while we hold her over the potty. Now we clean the seat before she uses it.
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Toys R Us I don't really use it that much b/c I have found that holding dd over the public potties works much easier for me and it cleaner. I just put her back to my chest and grab her under her knees and hold her over the potty. Hope that helps ya. If you can find one let me know I have mine up for sale b/c we just don't use it
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I would love to have him hover over seats while I held him or eventually be able to be tall enough to stand and pee! At 37 pounds though and extremely anxious about big toilets, *and* very new at this peeing in anything other than a diaper, I need to find something he can sit on.

Thanks for the reminder about the elongated seats. I can see where that might be a problem.

For 10 bucks, I'll try anything at this point.

Or, those of you who through this particular seat in the closet, want to sell it?
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