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Trophies etc. (Decluttering)

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Hi all,

DH and I are both packrats. But I have a bit of an organizer's tendency, so I do purge periodically. Har ....

Anyway - as we are trying to get through items we had stored in the garage, I found a box of old trophies which I had already purged once (it was all those cheap plastic "metal" trophies I'd won in high school and college speech tourneys); at this point, it's mostly wooden plaques and a few trophies. They are nice enough plaques - and I'm proud of the awards (things like Citizenship Award from my high school etc.) - but it's a long time ago and it's not like I've a wall I'd ever want to hang them on.

What do you all do with things like these? If they were certificates, I could put them in my "scrapbook later" box - but they're obviously too heavy for a scrapbook. I could see something like these being meaningful to a child or grandchild at some point .... but we don't live in a big house and I don't see a reason (or space!) to keep them.

My inclination is to take pictures of them and put *those* in the scrapbook box. BUT, then what do I do with the plaques themselves? And the few plastic/metal trophies in there too? Is there a place to recycle things like this?? (I'd ask the local trophy shop but they might be offended - surely they know that most people don't keep these trophies, don't they??)

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome!
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I don't know about recycling, but why not hang some of the plaques? I recently made DH purge his trophy stash and only keep the trophies and plaques that mean something to him. I don't think I'm going to hang or display anything until we actually have our own house, complete with home office, as I really can't think of any place other than that where I'd like to put them, but at least I've pared down the collection.
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