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New from Lancaster, PA

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Hello everyone!

I'm a VERY newcomer. I've just found you all, and since my husband and I will hopefully be conceiving in the next few months, I decided I'd join a bit early. :

I'm big into local/organic foods (soooo easy here in Lancaster) and am going to be an attachment parent/homeschooling momma when the time comes. Being here is making me soooo excited about it!

Love networking, and am currently working at home for my synagogue :. I'd love to chat!
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Hi and welcome to MDC - great to have you here (and enjoy ttc, when the time comes...lots of great forums here if you are like me, and enjoy obsessing over every pregnancy symptom/etc! )
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Welcome! I get out to Lancaster when I can. The kids LOVE Dutch Wonderland!
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Hi from across the river in York! Glad to hear there is another like minded momma in the area! Check out finding your tribe area for more info on MDC mommas in York & Lancaster. Good luck with ttc! That's the fun part...

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We go to a Mennonite church in Baltimore and a lot of the congregation (except for us) has family in Lancaster.
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Welcome smeisnotapirate!!! I'm also in Lancaster and will be ttc in the near future!

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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome, Sara! Are you in Lancaster county or city?
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Welcome! I'm originally from Lancaster and my whole family lives there still.
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Oo, a local! : I don't live around here all the time, but I'm currently in Berks just over the Lancaster county line. Welcome! And good luck TTC.
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Welcome and good luck on your TTC journey!
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