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I need to learn how to ORGANIZE! Help!

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I have many, many jobs going on. I am freelance goddess these days--I need some organizational tricks.

How do your organize your office space?

What are the most essential office-organizing items you have?

Tell me about your filing systems.

Anything else?

I am a photographer, I am starting a theatre conservatory in Sept. and I also work for Mothering (ad sales). Three very distinct jobs and somehow I have to blend my space to meet those needs. I am willing to spend some $$ to get organized.
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Just two words for you: Julie Morgenstern.

Her books on organizing are fantastic. They will be especially helpful for you since you wear so many hats. Get her book, "Organizing from the Inside Out." That's the one that got me organized, and I was a very unorganized person before.

good luck!
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Here are just a few ideas:
Get some of those Serilite boxes that have 3 trays in them to put on top of your desk (they are stackable if you need more trays).

I would also suggest different file drawers for each of your seprate activities. Use manilla files for everything, and organize w/ hanging files. At the end of the year I make new manilla files, and put last years stuff in one of those white storage boxes to keep on file.

A cork board is a great idea. Mark off 3 distinct areas, make them different colors, or divide w/ ribbon, ect. so that you can post important things where you can clearly see them at a glance.

I really like having enough of everything in my office. Right now I need to get a new 3 drawer file cabinet, and a nice book case so that I can get to things better. Right now I have a bunch of stuff in the closet, and that makes it harder to get to it. I also need to decorate in here. I think if I made the place look homier I would enjoy it better. I really like my desk, though! I have an l-shaped desk, so that I can have 2 different work places if I need to

I'm looking forward to hearing some other great organizational ideas!!!
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You might also try different colored folders for the different activities. Then you know at a glance at least the general category for something.

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Keep areas for pending materials, and review them religiously every single time you sit down to work. Keep a place in your email box for things you are waiting on other people for action, and another for things you need to do yourself. Review them at least daily. Keep similar places ("Pending," "Inbox," whatever) on your desk for papers. This ensures you stay on top not only of things you need to get done, but you're always aware of what you're waiting on from other people so that you can touch base if things look like they are falling between the cracks.

Don't get caught up in stickie notes. Use a datebook or journal or centralized list or MS Outlook or *anything* that's centralized. Don't run the risk of losing notes in the shuffle.
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