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wool soaker auction

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Did you think you were catching me with spam, here?? Nah...


She calls it Lammas Sabbat Celebration. It's a funky woolie babie design.

So, what do you think of this one? Looks like an awful lot of work. Check out the close ups of the applique.

xoxo pam
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oh now that is sooooo cute.......
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Hey Pam did you get my PM?
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DANG! . . . that is A LOT OF work.

On the side - it is beautiful, but I swear our knittin' mommas here surprise me with their skill every time someone else posts a pic of their creations!
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Yep, that's a lot of work! LOL That's the kind of thing I hope to be doing some day. I figure if you can learn to knit a yellow ducky into a sweater, you can do it on a soaker.

That cover is art... I see knitting in general as a beautiful art.
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That IS beautiful and it is a lot of work, but fun. I did an embroidery on the back of a wool diaper I just made with wool yarn. It's not as cute as I'd had hoped, but it was my first attempt. She did a fantastic job, pretty much how I had hoped mine would have looked lol. Happy First Harvest.
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