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Gassy Baby

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My almost 4 mo old is a very gassy baby....she was a bit colicky in the evenings for a while but now she will get gas pains and esp. at night she wakes herself up passing gas. She also has some reflux after almost every feeding. I am a vegetarian and have eliminated dairy...the rest of the list seems impossible to me (wheat broccoli) and my ped says they are now not sure this is really the answer. Any ideas??
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Lukes mom-
Sounds like us. I wound up taking KAthrynn to a cranial sacral healer. I also dramatically changed my diet. I tired eliminating wheat, diary, dark greens, oranges. You name it, i eliminated it! I also made sure she burped after eating. LAstly, i gave her chamomilla- a homeopathic remedy to calm her.
I don't know what worked in the end. It might have just been time. After 4/5 mo she seemed to calm down.
Of course teething started then.
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Aidan did this as well and still does no matter what I have eliminated from my diet to pinpoint the culprit. He doesn't get painful gas though so at this point I just accept that he's like his father. Ewwwwww

He had really bad reflux too but pretty much grew out of it by 4 months. I was told that alot of babies have reflux because their stomachs and reflexes aren't mature when they are born so not to worry unless there is alot of projectile vomiting or the baby seems to be in distress. I'm not a doctor though and can only tell you what I've been told. For my little one it seems to be what the problem was though and hopefully it's something simple for your's as well.

Mona- what is a cranial sacral healer? I've never heard that before and was just kind of curious. I hope you don't mind.
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Someone else can probably answer this better, but the best that i can explain---Cranial Sacral healers work with alignments in the head area and the spine area. A lot of times during birth for babies, and other activities for others, the spine and head will go out of allignment. This can cause feeding and digestive problems.
Cranial Sacral healers are a very energetic kind of healer. I bit more refined then chiropractors in my opinion.
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How interesting! I am so very glad I asked and thank you for explaining. I never knew!
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