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So what exactly does "gather your tools" mean? Like baskets, bins, trash bags and such?
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sounds good...I need this!
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Agh, I should to this. I don't even have a good excuse for not participating other than laziness.
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
there is also a Holiday grand Plan that starts today

AngelBee you've got me so inspired! I actually started on this today- printed out the first calendar and the front porch list, made my front porch list (for that I just brainstormed and even kinda daydreamed all the things I'd like to do ultimately), and made lists of what to ask my DH about gifts, cards, parties, and menus. This DOES feel good! Getting little details like "is the whole family going to attend DH's work party this year?" answered in AUGUST!! Now I'm off to make a master list of daily and weekly things that need to get done.
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I'm in.

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i'm in too!
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Okay, I'm in for the HOLIDAY Grand Plan. We're hosting Thanksgiving this year (our first year to host DH's family in 9 years of marriage, but not our first Thanksgiving at our home) and I want to have a plan. I also feel like I always have all these things I want to do (baked goods to give away, for example) that never get done because I wait too long.

So I'm definitely in. I need to get a new print cartridge, though. GRR!
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I switched it to the Holiday Grand Plan, if that works for everyone. I think I prefer it, except that since we're simplifying the holidays I don't have much holiday prepwork to do at all.
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I think we can do the Holiday Grand Plan and anyone not interested in the holiday part can skip that...don't you?

Snowbunny, I'm going on the Compact starting September 1, so I'm feeling the need to get organized for the holidays because all of my gifts will probably be homemade . Every year I plan on making things for the kids in my life and every year I end up putting it of and buying them something instead. So this year there won't be any of that!!
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Yeah! I am excited to start!
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Week One: Front Porch and Lists!

Alright, mommas, let's get started this week is Week One! That means we've got to work on our Front Porch and our Lists.

So, check in here and post your plan to declutter, clean up and organize your front porch and post your list of lists!

If you wanna share before/after pics of your front porch, you're welcome to!
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I am so excited! This is going to be fun!
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This does sound fun! I've already somewhat started on a Christmas gift list, but I'm sure I can do some tweaking. And our front porch/deck thingie definitely needs sweeping.
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
I am so excited! This is going to be fun!
I'm excited too. First time I've ever been excited about cleaning.

Week One: Jenny's Plan
Well, I don't have a front porch since our front door opens up to the condo complex hallway, so this week I'm switching the front porch for our patio.

Patio Checklist
  • Weed the rocks.
  • Organize the recycling.
  • Declutter and organize the outdoor toys.
  • Sweep the patio and sidewalk.
  • Wash the windows.
  • Clear the cobwebs.
  • Cover and fix the chairs.
  • Sew a matching cover for the futon. (Maybe ...)
  • Clean the screens.

List of Lists
  • Gifts to be made
  • DS Birthday Party Menu
  • Parties to Organize
  • Thanksgiving Menu
  • Thanksgiving Invitations
  • Yuletide Menu
  • New Years Menu
  • New Years Card List
  • Holiday Reservations
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snowbunny your list looks a lot like mine. thank you so much for starting this thread

i didn't get to my list today because i wasn't feeling well: i'm feeling a bit improved, so my entrance area better look out for tomorrow
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I am going to switch the front porch to the hallway for us since it has nook and crannies which gather stuff. We live in an apartment so there is no front porch for me to work on. That is good since I also use the back door as my main entry and it needs a good sprucing up. I will be back later with my lists.
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NASCARbebe's Week 1

  • Remove all tera cotta pots with dead plants
  • Put away ice cooler and large watering can
  • Toss stinky and broken chairs
  • Weed around deck
  • Sand door
  • Prime door
  • Paint door with exterior paint
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I just saw this thread for the first time. I am totally in. This will be a great way to get the apt in order before this babe comes at the end of December. I probably won't be able to get my lists around until next week, but we live in a 650 sq ft 1br, so I'm sure it won't hurt to start a week late.
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Front Porch:
--wash down porch pillers and railings (sorry spiders!) DONE
--dump and refill dd's sandbox with clean sand (and no "china" toys) DONE
--remove garden produce (super sized zucchini must be processed!) DONE
--clean porch chairs and table DONE
--remove dead stems from hanging ivy plants DONE
--install new porch light fixture (has been sitting in a box on the porch for months)DONE
--finish painting porch ceiling (has been half done for over a year)
--sand & stain front door (another "over a year and still not done" job)
--find a new welcome mat

Front Garden:
--trim holly bushes DONE
--remove dead stalks from hostas DONE
--tie up climbing rose DONE
--secure loose downspout

Lists created so far:
--gifts (95% home made)
--assorted birthday gifts and plans (dh, brother, mother, father, best friend)
--baby shower and blessing way gifts for best friend's second babe
--mdc mamas-in-need donations (gently used items & home made gifts)
--menus (Samhain, Thanksgiving, Solstice, Christmas, 12th Night)
--baked goods and "instant gifts" (home made jam, cookies, biscotti)
--holiday travel plans and days off from work
--holiday card list
--decorations/crafts to make
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subbing - working on getting ready for Christmas early this year!
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