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I am in! Late starting but wanted to bookmark this.
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haven't finished reading yet but i'm in. i've never been really organized. i'm so excited to start!

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Week two is about the living room and asking yourself questions about why you celebrate the holidays you do, and why you celebrate them in the way that you do.

I am DONE with the patio, and it looks great.

Here's my list for this week:
Here's my list:
  • * Wash the drapes.
  • * Organize the cardboard recycling (which DH has stuffed in our fireplace for some weird reason)
  • * Deep clean the carpets
  • * Wash the cushion covers
  • * Organize the storage compartments
  • * Wash the walls and baseboards
  • * Organize the books
  • * Shine the mirrors and the glass in the pictures
  • * Dust the mantel
  • * Organize the mantel
  • * Wash the hearth

There's also a specific thread about week two here.
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Last week I rebuilt the front flower bed (dh had dismantled it to fix it when he had time off for our two month old's birth), planted bushes in it, laid down Preen, and put rocks on top. It looks really nice. I painted the front door a nice bright purple and replaced the screen in the storm door with the glass panel (so much nicer). Dh dethatched half of the yard and put down grass seed. He plans to tackle the second half next weekend. I've been tackling the garage. It accumulates everything I declutter from the house. Dh hates walking out in it (even decluttered) to put trash out, so he just throws stuff out there. So, I'm taking all of those remnant carpet pieces (we had to replace carpet after a flood right before the baby was born) to make paths for his delicate feet to walk and actually go out there (did I mention he can't put tools away either?)

I told dh I was going room by room and area by area to get the house finished. He is great at getting projects 85% done and then stopping. He is on board this time.
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I'm in!!!! I'm a little scared (organization is not my strong suit) but I'm in!
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OK, I just checked out the Holiday Grand Plan website and that looks really cool. Hopping in and catching up.
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Okay, I've decided I need to keep posting to keep my momentum vs. just reading along.

Last night I made my list cleaning my living room and I started cleaning/punch lists for the other rooms in my house.

Today I:
-cleaned the ceiling fan.
-washed the inside of the LR windows (couldn't get the sashes to tilt in and our screens are still up)
-washed the TV screen
-vacuumed the corners of the LR
-spot cleaned the floor in the LR
-vacuumed out the shelves where the toys live
-added flour and sugar to my shopping list for baking

I still need to cull the toys and find a basket/vessel to start our dress up collection in.

I keep looking over the questions and have a difficult time answering them. I should spend some time on that.

Yahoo! We're on our way!
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Transferring my list from the other thread:
(finish edging flower beds)
1. Clean and condition leather √ completed
2. Hang shelves on couch wall √ completed
3. Declutter dresser √ completed
4. Find new place for jewelry √ completed
5. Sand and oil coffee table √ completed
6. oil and clean corner cabinet √ completed
7. declutter inside of corner cabinet √ completed
9. wash (or just air fluff if not machine washable) valance √ completed
10. Throw pillows?? √ in process
11. Dust blinds, pictures, and all knick knacks √ completed
12. Re-consider mantle knick-knacks √ completed
13. Refinish sewing table √ completed
13b. upholster chair to match sewing table
14. Clean under furniture and dust baseboards √ completed

I took a bit of a detour (okay, a BIG detour) today and found the floor in my closet. I didn't do any decluttering because I'm going to wait until master bedroom week to do that, but I have been doing laundry and the closet was seriously so bad I couldn't see putting the clothes away in there, so I rearranged everything and found the floor, which is nice .

I'm off to do something on my list for the living room, though I don't know what .
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So, I've got the dvds under control. I wiped down the walls, cleaned the bamboo "matchstick" blinds (still need to launder the cafe curtains though), dusted the mega-ivy that grew from an itty bitty ivy plant, and dusted/decluttered the shelves.

Since the living room is also 2.5yo dd's play space and dining area I did a quick reduction in her toys. I'll do another tonight after she is in bed. The "behind the couch" table is actually two cheap unfinished wood three drawer dressers from IKEA places side by side. This gives dd 6 drawers for dress up clothes, nap time blanket/pillow/buddy, toys, books, etc.

The problem? Since they are unfinished (plain wood) dd took it on herself to "decorate" them with a few crayons. They're a tad hideous as a result. I'm thinking it might be fun to paint them out and paint them with black board paint (we have some in our basement...we don't have the budget to buy anything new right now). I could also paint them with left over wall paint in any of 4-5 different colors. Or I could just leave them as is!

Any ideas? They're not sure visible once you're in the room but they're what you see through our front porch windows...so if you're sitting on the porch (which stayed lovely and clean for about 2 days before a 4 toddler playdate did it's thing) it's what you see when you look in.
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I think the blackboard paint would be a good idea...DD could "color" and then when you want it to look nice again for a few minutes, you can wash it off. I found I had issues with the chalkboard dust when we had blackboard paint on the wall, but as long as it's a small amount of chalkboard in a place that gets swept often, I think it'd be okay.

I've cleaned my corner cabinet, inside and out. I really want DH to oil it tonight. It's 150+ year old cherry and used to be in our dining room near the kids seats. It got washed so much when we were in that house that it's really looking dry. And DH is much better with the linseed oil than I am, so I'll leave that to him . I was supposed to declutter it, but really everything in there is something of value to me...my mom's china (which I rarely use anymore, but I have tried to bring myself to get rid of many times and I just CAN'T, so I keep it neatly stored in there), the kids artwork I want to keep, some scrapbook-type stuff that has never made it to scrapbooks...I did get rid of some things from there, but mostly I just washed everything and took a trip down memory lane.

Now, on to the dresser that stores all of our craft supplies, games and movies, I guess...*sigh*
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After the "crayon incident" we got water washable crayons...so any finished surface is now cleanable. It's just that these are unfinished so other than sanding the crayon wont come off. I hate chalk dust too (though I craved the smell of chalk dust during my second pregnancy, which was really odd) so maybe I'll use room paint on most of it and the chalk board paint just on the top or just on one or two drawers? Hmmmm.

What I'd really like is for dh to put anaglypta up on the ceiling and touch up the paint on the walls, but that's not in the budget this year!
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I'm officially feeling like the worst housekeeper in the history of the world. :

I've been working on the living room today and since I had a tub of oil soap out to clean the corner cabinet, I went ahead and wiped down everything that was wood or looks like wood for the first time in my life. I grew up in an Endust/Pledge home, and I don't use that stuff, but here I've been thinking my swiffer duster (yea, I know was enough. Nope, it's amazing what good old fashioned SOAP and a microfiber towel can accomplish!! And the best part is I'm not super-sneezy like I usually am after cleaning (I swear I'm allergic to cleaning--or at least to how I've been doing it!!). I talked to DH and I think we're going to try to cycle through the Grand Plan 3x per year, then end with the Holiday Grand Plan. I don't need to do this every week or two, but more than once a lifetime would be good, I think .
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I finished the front area last week, not really much to do out there.

Living room, so far I have only accomplished cleaning off the top of the entertainment center and cleaning the blinds and front windows (which are now covered in hand prints again but at least the top is clean right ). I still don't know where to put my sewing machine and serger though. They are on top of the entertainment center. I found a home for all my fabric and notions and other misc sewing stuff that was up there but the machines are so big I can't find a spot.

Tomorrows list is to finish dusting and cleaning all the pictures, get the desk area straightened, and take down the pirate happy birthday banner left over from March.
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Ack! The week is ending and my list isn't finished. Things to do after apple picking today!

How is everyone else doing?
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Originally Posted by gmvh View Post
Ack! The week is ending and my list isn't finished. Things to do after apple picking today!

How is everyone else doing?
i signed up late so i'm doing still week 1 stuff. i decided today that i will have to start the living room after it's too dark to work outside. : so much to do...

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I'm pretty much done with my list, but I haven't gotten the beds edged yet. I think I'm going to carry that over to "entry" week since we don't really have an entry way to work on next week. I also need to steam clean my carpet, which I've been putting off because I know as soon as its clean someone or something will pee/poop/vomit on it and I really don't want to deal with that .

I need DH to cut me a piece of plywood for the chair for the sewing table, but it's just not happening .
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Power tools are fun Tell DH he's on kid duty while you chop your hunk of wood.

I'm totally sucking on my list. I actually forgot about it. :
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Originally Posted by LucyRev View Post
Power tools are fun
Normally I agree, but I'm just not good with a circle saw. Plus I'm not sure where he's stashed my scrap of plywood in his shop. :
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So we were out of town, AND I found this a week late so now I'm two weeks behind! This is a little daunting to me but I think I can catch up. I'm going to focus on whatever week we are on and then if/when I have extra time I am going to work on the things in the weeks I missed.

I'm also due in December so I'm not sure how much I will get done at the end or what is feasible for me to get done while pregnant but I'm going to give it my all. I want the house to be CLEAN when the baby comes.

Well so far I have just made my lists. Not sure how much actual "holiday" we are having this year considering the due date but at least it got me thinking about it.
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This is just what I need to make sure Christmas doesn't sneak up and attack me from behind again, LOL! I guess I'll be jumping in starting week three? Or do I go back and play catchup with weeks one and two?
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