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Deodisks and pails with no "spot" for them.

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I had one of those smaller diaper pails with the blue bunny on them and the lid with the spot for the deodisk and was using a wetpail method because I didn't know anybetter (and I was washing diapers daily sometimes because it didn't hold much). I bought a 34 litre trash can with a flip lid and a bummis liner yesterday, but have no spot for the citrus deodiscs that I bought and happen to like. Can I just put one at the bottom under the bummis liner? This may seem silly, but I really don't want a gooey mess...
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I cut off the ends of pantyhose & throw a disk at the end if one, throw it in the pail & hang the end off so it can be found later.

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I used to put my citrus disc under the liner, but I didn't like it that way (can't remember why), so I attached it to the flip-top of my Sterilite pail. Here's how:

1. I cut out a square of cheesecloth (any really breathable substance will do). The square is about twice as big across as the disc.

2. I taped the cloth square down on three sides using clear packing tape (to make sure it would hold for a long time).

3. I slipped the disc under the cloth on the untaped side.

4. I taped up the last side.

It has worked like a charm. It's not the prettiest solution, but I don't think Martha Stewart is dropping by any time to inspect the underside of my diaper pail lid! :
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Mine is a flip top stainless steel job with a removable plastic bucket - I put my deodisk under the bucket and it works great, so I'm sure under your liner would be just as well!

I have NO stink anymore either!!! YAY!
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i was just wondering this myself.
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Taped it on; took thirty seconds .
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I took a small margarine tub, poked holes in it, and then hot-glued it to the inside of the lid.
Works great!
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I put one disk under my bummis tote and 1 disk inside my tote.

Don't have any smell issues
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Scotch Tape!
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I just put mine on the inside of the lid with masking tape.
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I used a stick-up. The top unscrews and you can add your disk and put the top back on.
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masking tape on the underneath of the lid - works like a champ!
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