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slinging 6+mo old babes

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I was wondering what position slingin' mamas use for their babes who are 6+ mo old and older. Kathrynn does not like the reclining position we used when she was younger, and it doesn't seem like the others are conducive to sleeping.
I've been using an upright snuggli, but would like to get her back in the sling at some point.
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I usually use a Fleece Pouch from kangarookorner and wear Aidan on my hip while he's awake and then to the front when he sleeps. I need to either trade with someone or buy a Solarveil though because the humidity here just does not work well with fleece.

Snugli..hmmmm I don't know of alot of positions you can put those things in I'm sorry.
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I was still using the fleece for the hip around 6 months but now that it's so hot I wear my 10 month old girl on my hip in the heart to heart.

I don't use it for over an hour without giving myself a break though.
If I'm out I'll bring the backpack carrier or an umbrella stroller along with the sling for comforting/tired time.
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I use my sling (an unpadded adjustable ring one) and I carry Veronica (9 months in a few days!) right on the front of me most the time (cuz even with the hip I need to use a hand usually to hold her back) but when shes on the front I can use both my hands...like shopping or laundry, etc.

I use her in the front facing sit sometimes, but she tries to stand alot, so it doesnt always work.

so its the hip or plastered to the front of me that works for us...then i just loosen it a bit and she is down farther so she can nurse (but I still sling her for hours at a time sometimes....if we are somewhere I cant sit and cant set her down....walking at zoo or fishing or something)
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Hip carry or on your back. For the hip carry a regular ring sling is fine. The back carry is great for an older baby too, this can be achieved in a ring sling, but you may not find it secure enough. So you might want to look at getting a backcarrier like the Ergo, Baby Back-tie, Packababy or Sutemi Pack.

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I carry 8 month old Olivia in the hip carry most of the time. I use a Heart to Heart or a Maya Wrap. I carried my son in the sling until he was about 17 months, by that point I was too pregnant to do it but DH carried him in the Heart to Heart at almost 2 years.
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I carry my son in a Maya Wrap mostly in the front on the left. I have it set up where his head or head and arms stick out the top with the rest of his body including his feet inside the sling. I tried the hip carry, but it wasn't comfortable for us.
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my ds is just 6 months and we use either a ring sling or a tie sling and he is either in kangaroo carry (front facing) or a cross carry (facing me with legs out). he sleeps soundly in either position.
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When people do the heart to heart position, do you keep the legs out? How about the arms?
DH likes to see everything that is going on, and i also have a hard time keeping her secure in there w/o using an arm. (I have a maya, OTSBH, and a sears sling- as well as a snugli)
Thanks very much for the posts!!!
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I just want to clarify that I was talking about the heart to heart sling.
hope that wasn't mistaken as a position.
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