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large motor activities/ideas for winter play rooms ...

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What would your top choices be for large or gross motor activities if you were setting up a winter play room? My DS1 (6 years old) is autistic and dev. delayed. He is also vision impaired but does well enough that it's hard to tell unless you know what to look for with him (struggles with fine motor details, etc.). My DS2 (2 1/2 years old) is possibly mild ASD but right now just considered speech/language delayed and is starting to show some sensory seeking type behaviors. Both kids have severe asthma and don't do well with outside play during the winter.

I am looking for ideas for setting up our playroom down stairs for them this winter - main idea will be to burn energy in a safe, fun area.

The area is large enough to accommodate a couple of oversized type climbing toys or a small trampoline and one other larger option. It is carpeted. I'm not sure how easy it would be to dangle something heavy from the ceiling since DH would have to find the studs and the previous ownders enclosed the regular ceiling, so I will probably have to stick with free-standing type toys rather than anything requiring a ceiling attachment.

What would your top choices be? Money will play a big role but right now I am just looking for ideas, and if you happen to know a pocketbook friendly version of a particular idea I would love that, too!

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We have a large slide with a crash pad (dog bed from costco) and a mini trampoline. If I could convince DH I would get this:


They also have a chair that hangs and a trapeze. I'd just buy the hooks and they switch them out. Unfortunately DH says the studs are too small. :

We also have this:

I was looking on craigslist for a long time for one of these cubes:
The link is a newer version. Now is probably a great time to find these kind of outdoor toys on craigslist because people don't want to store them over the winter.

Even though I have all this set up in the loft area my DS is still jumping all over the couch right now
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Bede is all about jumping, so we keep two queen size mattresses pushed together in my room. He loves it. If I could only have one or two things for a playroom, one of them would be a jumping thing, for sure.

I'm also thinking of getting a bunch of replacement balls for a ball pool or ball pit and putting them in one of our wading pools for inside.

But then I consider bringing 500 balls in my home and I faint.
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We have a homemade crash pad (ds's OT got a bunch of upholstery foam at a furniture store, I stuffed it in an old duvet cover and sewed it shut), a ball pit with 500 balls in it (they're on sale now at most toy stores...get 'em while they're hot!!), a rainy day indoor playground with trapeze attachment, and a platform swing attachment. We also have a regular plastic swing we hook up to the r.d.i.p. bar. We're going to get a mini trampoline for xmas, and we also have these giant stretchy therapy bands ds's OT got us that are great for tug of war indoors.
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Originally Posted by feebeeglee View Post

But then I consider bringing 500 balls in my home and I faint.
: Just as I hit "reply" and my post comes up I see this. LMAO. It's not that bad...it's like having a giant easter egg hunt...every night. : LOL.
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We made a big slide for the kids out of plywood and masonite. It was big, because it had some stairs, a little platform, and then the slide. You could also crawl under it as a tunnel too. We gave it away because we're moving to Virginia, but when we get to VA we plan to make another one. This one I think we will make with a ladder as well as steps.

We've also made a balance beam and are planning on making some fairly low monkey bars for the kids to swing across. We have hop balls, bean bags, and various balls, hoops that we use for targets and jumping, a big inner tube for playing in. Exercise balls and physio rolls are really great.

I would consider getting some kind of indoor swing. I know Finch was talking about a really cool indoor playground that is based on a support bar in a doorway. In our bedroom we have a king sized mattress on the floor, so kids jump on that.

We have hardwood floors and a pretty open floor plan, so the kids can ride ride on toys/ trikes/ scooters in the house. I would consider getting a Jumpolene http://www.tinkertots.com/premjumboun.html for jumping also, or adding balls to it for a cool ball pit. I have fantasies about the Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster http://www.step2.com/product.cfm?product_id=1104 . There are also some pretty cool things like rotation boards (kind of like sit n spins) and balance boards. We have a $10 scooter board that the kids get a lot of use out of. Jump ropes are fun for lots of things, and you can do lots of things with masking tape. (Long jumps, hop scotch, etc). The kids jump off of the hearth and the kid sized table.

The kids have enjoyed their bilibos and some stilt type things http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/...=645&mlc=&at=5 .
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