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What about..

Have you thought of maybe doing both?

For example, when you are in the parks, use disposibles. They don't take up much room so you won't be lugging around a ton of extra baggage (plus your load will be lighter after each changing) Maybe just pick up a small bag when you get there so you don't have to pack any?

The rest of the time use cloth. You will have less cloth to pack/carry/wash if you are only using it half the time and your baby won't have to be wrapped in paper the entire vacation.

Seems like you'd be getting the best of both worlds!
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When camping I use my dish soap, easier to work in an rinse, when in a hotel I use regular detergent

Hmmm . . . speaking from experience?
Unfortunately yes, thankfully it was just 1 diaper all the others were clean. The hotel did reimburse me

My personal opinion is no matter what you have to bring diapers. Prefolds and covers/pockets are pretty trim and take up not much more room then 'sposies. When using 'sposies you still have to lug the dirties around till you find a trash or if camping they are amongst your trash items at the campsite. The only difference is you can re-use the cloth.

Another thing to consider, if you take cloth and it doesn't work for you, you can always go to the store.
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I tavel a lot with DD- and I only use UBCPF'ds. I could never ever ever ever put her in a sposie- What I would say is if you have enough to do laundry once or twice when you are there then bring as many PF'ds as you can and just keep them in a smell proof bag and wash them right before you go. This way you will not be having smelly laundry on the way home. WDW has laundry-mats there so you can do you wash. Maybe get up early and start the wash then put them in the dryer when you are getting the kids ready or when you go to eat breakfast they should be dry fast and then you will have no worries. I would also say if you really want to, bring all your diapes and also some sposies in case you feel like you want to use sposies- then you have both and will not feel like you are in need to run to the store or missing your cloth- you have both for what ever the event calls for.

Also, I have not had a dryer in 2 months and I only have 12 CPF'ds- I know, I know- I am nuts but it works for us (yet, I have ordered more!!) But what I am saying is that even if you have to lay the around the room you will be fine.
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I brought my diaper pail in the car on our last trip and the night I handwashed the prefolds, used the diaper pail to soak them and wash them, then hung them- but they did not dry. The handwashing was not a problem- it was pretty easy- the drying was. It ended up taking two days to dry 6-ply regular prefolds- even outdoors on the balcony.

I used Dr. Bronner's lavendar soap.

If the hotel had heat or air-conditioning (like in the south) you could dry them easily overnight. I ended up using the coin-op in the hotel for rest of the 5-day stay.

21 prefolds (+covers) fit in the Land's End Deluxe diaper bag- stuffed that between the kids car seats (we have a small car) and the other dipes went in the backpack we used for on the beach.
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We take cloth everywhere. We use prefolds too, and it's pretty easy to travel with them (and we've got twins, to boot!). I don't think it would be that bad to go a week before washing the dipes, especially if you rinse them out like Heather suggested. When we used a service, they only came once a week, and it really wasn't that bad. I don't know that I'dve wanted to ride in a car with 140 dirty diapers, but if you have a trunk then I think it would be fine.

Have fun!

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Honestly I think disposables have their place. Isnt that what saving the environment should be all about, using resources WISELY? Unless your little one has an allergy to them or something like that, I would take them on vacation with you. When you're wondering around Disney World you only need to carry a couple of compact disposables and maybe a travel pack of commercial wipes, with a plastic bag or two, its much much easier when you dont have to carry the ever increasing load of dirty diapers around. I took disposables on our holiday because even though there was a laundry on site where we stay it would cost about $10 to get a load washed and dried and other people wanted to use the machine too - I think that's a consideration as well. Also, you may not be able to change quite as often as usual when you're out and about, and there's no denying, they are drier and probably more comfortable when worn for a long time.

Dont feel guilty or stress about it, its your vacation too.
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Re: What about..

Originally posted by TheQueenHasSpoken
Have you thought of maybe doing both?...
Seems like you'd be getting the best of both worlds!
Amy - I LOVE this idea!!!!
That way we won't have to deal with dragging cloth around, but we can use *her* comfy diapes in the car and overnight - when she'll want to be as comfortable as possible!! YAY!!!

That's the solution, then!!!

Thank you!!
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I'm using sposies right now, and it's helping me keep my sanity. I'm staying with my parents for a month while my dh is gone. The first week was CRAZY with a house-FULL of people and kids, 4th of July activities, etc. I managed to do cloth, but it was getting on my nerves with the laundry machine going 24hrs w/ everyone's stuff. So last week I bought a pack of sposies. We kept my brother's three kids for the week (mom and I) and I had my 19m old, of course. I couldn't take the stress of washing dipes and their stink. And he is having these gross poopies that don't wash easily, I hate to dunk, SUPER hard water leaving build-up, etc. So I'm taking a break for sanity sake. Next week I'll return to cloth (maybe!). It's just hard to be away from home, your routine, the stress of travelling, and having to deal with dirty diapers. Personally, dunking and washing by hand is too intimate for me! But if my ds had an allergy or something, I know I'd make it work.

Oh, and BTW, most hotels I've stayed at have a washer and dryer, so it's really easy to wash them if you decide to! Of course you can always call ahead and check!!

Thanks for letting me talk about this!! I'm feeling some guilt over enjoying the simplicity of it all, but I just love my cloth and their simplicity too. But for me, simplicity just goes out the window when I'm travelling!! It stresses me out!!!

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I can't believe I misread your original post so badly, Sandra Dee. I honestly thought you meant you'd decided to not fly BECAUSE of your diapers! :LOL

Now *that* would be a true !

Hope you guys have lots and lots of fun!

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